Paving Program of $473,000 Presented to County Solons

A proposed road paving program, estimated to cost $473,932 and covering approximately 31 miles, was submitted to the Richland county legislative delegation at its meeting last night.

Estimate of the proposed program, prepared by County Engineer Charles F Lynn at the request of Senator Heyward Brockington, were taking under consideration by the delegation.

The delegation also approved additional appropriations to be included in the supply bill bringing the total approved to $190,221. This is approximately $9,000 higher than the appropriations for the same departments in 1940.

Left for final consideration at a special meeting next Wednesday afternoon were requests for $266,205.

Mr. Lynn advised Senator Brockington and members of the house of representatives that “the cost of securing the necessary rights-of-way is not contained in these estimates. This is a very difficult problem . . .”

The estimates included:

Extension of Harden street from

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The corner of Harden and Calhoun streets to the Asylum road, estimated to cost $147,345.

This estimate is based on extending the present boulevard section, as it is now constructed near the corner of Calhoun and Harden streets through the proposed underpass, and the construction of a 50 foot concrete pavement from this point to its connection with the Asylum road, including curb and gutter, sidewalks, cattle and pedestrian underpasses and fences on both sides of the proposed extension as provided in the act authorizing the right-of-way across the property of the State hospital.

The Kennerly road, 12.5 miles from the intersection of route No. 76 to White Rock, $134.953.

Road 7.4 miles from State Park to state highway No. 21 by way of Killian, $76,224.

Road 2.9 miles from Langford cross roads toward Blaney, $33,234.

Road 7.8 miles from Langford across roads to Pontiac, $82,166.

The delegation last night agreed to include in the county supply bill a provision that any department head in the county that exceeded the appropriation of the supply bill would be required to pay personally for the overdraft.

Members of the delegation pointed out that many departments had overdrawn the appropriations. The resolution also directed the clerk of the county board of commissioners to advise each department head at the end of every quarter of the remainder left in the appropriation for that particular department.

The delegation also insisted on a provision of the supply bill, “that the county jailor shall file a monthly report with the sheriff showing the daily number of prisoners, both state and federal, at the jail and the per capita cost of dieting per day.” be carried out.

Samuel B. Moyle, executive director of the Community chest, appeared before the delegation and requested that the appropriation for the Traveler’s aid be increased from the $350 provided last year to $600 this year.

Mr. Moyle pointed out that due to the fact that many persons come here seeking employment at Fort Jackson and are not qualified that the work of the Traveler’s aid has been doubled. He said the society is handling about 100 cases a month.

R. K. Wise and Lane Bonner asked the delegation to increase the salary of Laurens Hamilton, county service officer, from $2,200 to $2,400 a year and that the salary of the stenographer be increased from $900 to $1,200.

The delegation agree to increased the staff of the county tax collector but no salary was fixed for the additional personnel.

The delegation refused to appropriate funds for the employment of an industrial agent and agree to meet at 3:30 next Wednesday afternoon to complete work on the supply bill.

An appropriation of $39,629 was made for the sheriff’s office. This exceeded the 1940 appropriation by $5,425, necessitated because three officers were added to the sheriff’s force during the latter part of the year.

The delegation appropriated $3,275 for the coroner, the same as last year and the same appropriation for four hospitals were made as follows, Good Samaritan Waverly hospital, $5,000; Columbia Richland county venereal clinic, $2,400; Children’s clinic, $2,000, and State tuberculosis sanatorium, $1,460.

The delegation held open the request by the Richland Anti-Tuberculosis association for an appropriation of $23,698 against $14,500 appropriated last year.

The appropriation for the county health unit remained at $8,300 and the dental clinic was the same, $6,590. The delegation included in the provision relative to the dental clinic that the dentists visit each school in the city and county.

Welfare agencies, including the Carolina Orphan home, Door of Hope, Association of the blind and the family welfare society were given the same appropriations as last year but the appropriation of the Traveler’s aid was increased from $350 to $600.

January 10, 1941  Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record)  Columbia, South Carolina
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January 10, 1941  Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record)  Columbia, South Carolina
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