Camden Boy Hears From Dutch Friend

Camden Boy Hears From Dutch Friend

Camden, Dec. 12 – An acquaintance that began in 1936 when an Atlantic liner by Tommy Ancrum, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ancrum of this city was picked up by on the coast of Holland by 14 year old John J Van Wingen, was resumed a few days ago “after beinginterrupted by the Nazi invasion of Holland.

It was a post card showing a scene in Middelburg, Holland; the picture showing the devastation caused by the German bombers. The card came from John J. Van Winken and was addressed to Tommy Ancrum. It was  probably on of the first of the kind to reach America from the Nazi-hell Holland area.

Says Johnny to Tommy: “My dear Tommy; It is long ago that I wrote something to you and the war has changed many things in our country. But I am glad that I live and that I am in health and my family too. I hope you are in health and I many receive some news from you. I shall soon write you again. Your friends J. J. Von Wingen.”

Prior to receiving this postal, Tommy’s last words from his friend in Holland was a letter written just before the second World war started and in it, Johnny said he was entering school and he hoped Holland would not get into the war. The two lads, one in United States and the other in Holland have exchanged letters for years since 1936. The letters of the lad in the war torn nation were full of interesting facts.

Needless to say, Tommy is writing Johnny by return mail.

Camden Boy Hears From Dutch Friend
State (Published as The State) – December 13, 1940 Page: 30

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