26 Civil Suits On Docket Next Week

Judge A. W. Holman will preside at the civil term of court opening Monday at the courthouse.

Twenty-six cases have been scheduled for the week. Bailiff Robert L. Beard reported yesterday.

The jury list for the term is as follows:

C. H. Brazell of 2518 Taylor street; Morgan Butler of Columbia, Route 1; Benny Hornsby of College Place: H. C. Summer of Little Mountain: A. M. Easterling of 4907 Sixth avenue: John F. Hydrick of 1515 Gist Street: A. C. Doyle of 1816 Senate Street: Samuel Peak of Edgewold.

Also, T. L. Hoffman of 2504 Monroe street; Robert Entzminger of Blythewood: H. B. Elazer of Irmo, route 1; Boykin Branham of Blaney, route 2; A. M. Broome of 317 Chestnut street; Leon Ford of Edgewood; Clarence E. Cook of 3210 Rosewood; Clyde H. Green of 3000 Prior street; J. D. Smith of Lykesland, route 1; Frank McAnemy of Edgewood; E. T. Spigner of 2511 Wilmot avenue; Thomas H. Hogan of 2830 Devine street; Frank E. Folk of 2829 River drive, and A. M. Harrison of Columbia route3.

The cases area as follows:

Monday: Richland Warehouse, Liq., Inc., vs. Bornu Forman Distributing company; Hattie Simmons vs. Life and Casualty Insurance company of Tennessee; F. D. Beall vs. Central Chevrolet company; Pennsylvania Rubber company vs. Henry D. Green; and N. H. Collins vs. Daniel H. Plott and others.

Tuesday: E. B. Lever vs. L. J. Parker and others; O. L. Newman vs. H. S. Speaks and others; Helen Comming vs. R. E. Halford and others: Estelle Walker vs. R. E. Halford and others; F. L. Miles vs. D. C. Cannon and others; Leah Hart vs. Metropolitan Life Insurance company, and Helena Ann Blackwell vs. South Carolina Electric and Gas company.

Wednesday; Lillian Weston, administratix, vs. Metropolitan Life Insurance company; Pure Oil company vs. J. L. Gaffney; Etto O. Hough vs. Metropolitan Life Insurance company; Donnie S. Morris vs. Merritt Burton and others; H. D. Croswell vs. Walgreen company, and Rebecca Young vs. Palmetto State Life Insurance company.

Thursday; Mrs. Dewey Odom vs. Armour company, Inc.; William King vs. A. Z. Williams and others; Mrs. Mattie Frazier vs. Eagle Bus Lines, Inc.; H. B. Haithcock vs. Atlantic Greyhound Lines: and Wallace Romanstine vs. Sinne Forsythe and others.

Friday: H. G. Mizenheimer vs. Columbia Supply company; Charlie Morron vs. R. V. Seagers and others, and H. W. Floyd vs. Pyramid Life Insurance company.

June 1, 1940 State (published as The State)
Columbia, South Carolina
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