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Learning that several Pieces of silver, a beaker and a spoon to be exact, in the silver exhibit at the Columbia Art association silver jubilee exhibition at the Columbia Township auditorium, bear the name of “Radcliffe and Guignard” . . . .  This concern during the middle 19th century occupied the same site now occupied by Sylvan Brothers . . . .  During Sherman’s invasion, according to a descendant of Radcliffe, federal soldiers looted the store of $300,000 worth of silver and jewelry and burned the building . . . . There has been some discussion among interested persons as to whether Radcliffe and Guignard were merely dealers or were silversmiths as well.

A large heavy silver fork in the exhibit, bearing a shell pattern, was dug up several years ago in College Place by a small boy . . . . The fork was subsequently purchased by Mrs. M. S. Whaley . . . . It bears the Georgian hallmark and the date 1777 . . . . Also inscribed on the handle are the letters “TMW” thought to stand for Wyndham or Windhorn (uncertainty as to which), the owners of a large plantation in that section in the middle of the last century . . . . This fork will also be seen in the silver exhibit this week at the auditorium.

Mrs. Tom Derieux asking SH and T if he didn’t get tired of asking people if they had “seen anything funny?” . . . . Richland County Agent David R Hopkins Giving us a copy of the 52nd annual report of the South Carolina Experiment Station of Clemson Agricultural College (H. P. Cooper, Director) . . . . The report full of most interesting figures and facts and very comprehensive.

Mrs. Frances Gilmer planning to purchase a pick-up attachment for her radio and begin building up a collection of popular recordings.

Seeing the head man of the Sixth division, Gen. Clement Trott, in the Jefferson hotel lobby and failing to recognize him at first due to his civilian dress . . . . And driving out to Camp Jackson and finding every body busy packing up division and personal equipment in preparation for their departure this week.

Miss Lotta Jeanne Howell, Rock Hill high school senior and a member of the staff of her school paper, visiting the Sid Groeschels, her uncle and aunt, at their home at Veterans’ hospital while here for the state Beta club’s convention.

One of the Beta clubbers asking SH and T how many times newspaper reporters re-wrote a story before finally submitting it to the higher-ups for publication in the next day’s edition . . . . She said she always re-wrote hers several times before handing them in . . . . If you were in our boots, Beta clubber, the first time would just have to suffice, what with the daily routine calling for at least a dozen varied storied, each necessitating a little research and stuff like that , and the hours limited.

Miss Margaret Dowling and Mrs. Carrie Motes Stokes who had birthdays April 5 . . . . Topsy turvy department – The sun shining brilliantly yesterday afternoon and the  rain pouring down . . . . Then the clouds obliterating the sun and the rain immediately ceasing . . . . And recalling that our grandmother used to tell us that rain when the sun was shining was certain indication that the devil was beating his wife . . . . And she was also contending that it was a forerunner of rain the following day . . . . Breaking out in one of those new lightweight Summer suits the other day and spending the hours after nightfall shivering violently and someone asking us if we were sold and we replying, “No, We’re rehearsing for the D. T.’s” . . . . Western Union boy giving a Postal Telegraph boy a lift on his bike . . . . Friendly rivalry we call it!

John Walter Scott of the traffic division of the police department sporting a new pipe.

Sun shinning ant the  rain falling in the torrents yesterday afternoon.

Yellow jasmine and dogwood blooming in wooded sections near Blaney and Blythewood . . . . Sesqui-centennial park drawing many Columbians Sunday . . . . Iris blooming and azaleas in Columbia looking  their best.

The Lester W. Doub family yesterday occupying their new residence in Edgewood.

BIRTHDAY ANNIVERSARIES: A. L. M. Wiggins of Hartsville, MacMillan C King of Flat Rock, Dr. E Marion Dibble of Marion, Maben Jones of Columbia, J. W. Bradford, Jr. of Greenwood, Joel S Morese of Abbeville, J. D. Sharp of Pendleton, Dr. Thomas K Fairey of Johnston, Herman L Sisk of Darlington, Joel J Marshall of Columbia, Duncan Kenneth McColl of Bennettsville, John P Rush of Columbia, P. L. Harshaw of McConnellsville.

WEDDING ANNIVERSARIES: Dr and Mrs. J. D. Parker of Greenville, Mr. and Mrs. Sam B King of Columbia.

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April 9, 1940  State (published as The State)  Columbia, South Carolina
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