Donald W Hornsby


Donald W Hornsby was born about 1937 in South Carolina, he was a son of the late Otto Ernest Hornsby and Katherine Wages Hornsby.

1940 Census Information:

In 1940, Otto Hornsby with wife;  Catherine Hornsby, and sons; Donald Hornsby and Ernest Hornsby rented a farm house for a reported $1.00 per month, in Wateree where Otto farmed and worked for the Works Progress Administration as a laborer on road construction.  Catherine kept house and raised, Donald and Ernest.


Donald W Hornsby was listed as  living in Savannah, Georgia as a surviving brother in Otto Hornsby’s obituary.

Only July 10, 1959, a damage suit of $120,00 was filed in Federal District Court, the Plaintiff was listed as Donald W Hornsby of Georgia, administrator of the estate of Otto E Hornsby, Jr.


Donald W Hornsby, Admn., etc versus C. W. Wooten was listed on the roster for the pending term of United States District Court


May of 1963, a girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Donald W Hornsby at Columbia Hospital. 


Donald W Hornsby was listed as living in Charleston, South Carolina as a living son in Katherine Wages Hornsby’s obituary.


Donald  W Hornsby, President of Beau Gator’s Inc applied for a Mini-bottle license.


On August 6, 1996, Donald W Hornsby was not listed as a living son in Otto Ernest Hornsby’s obituary leading me to believe he passed away before his father’s death on August 4, 1996.


Donald W Hornsby was listed as a predeceased brother in Rodney E Hornsby’s obituary.

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