Doris Goff Bailey

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ID Number:28-27, 2-A, 43
Doris Goff Bailey
Birth:About 1931
 South Carolina, USA
  Find A Grave ID:Unknown
  Family Search ID:L5TJ-FXQ


Doris Goff Bailey was born about 1931 in South Carolina to Edward Cleveland “Eddie” Goff and Ola Mae Ross Goff.


On December 29, 1939, Miss Doris Goff was listed as a living daughter in Ola Mae Goff’s obituary. 

1940 Census Information:

Eddie C Goff (46) lived in Kershaw County, with his children; Ruby Goff (6), Leona Goff(17), Naomi Goff (15), Hilburn Goff (13) and Doris Goff (9). The family owned their farm house with a reported value of $500.00. Eddie was listed as a widow farming while raising, Leona, Naomi, Eddie Hilburn, and Doris who attended school. Ruby was too young to attend school and stayed at home.


On April 13, 1966, Mrs. Doris Bailey was listed as a living daughter in Eddie C Goff’s obituary. 


On October 8, 1982, Mrs. Doris Bailey was listed as a living sister inEddie Hilburn Goff’s obituary.


On December 14, 1991, Doris Bailey was listed as the living sister in the obituary of Bessie Goff.

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