Columbian Is Hurt as Car Hits Big Bus

A Columbia man was injured when a car driven by his brother from Blaney collided with the rear of a Stokes line buss six miles from Columbia on Highway No. 1 at 4:50 yesterday afternoon.

R. E. Outlaw, 30, of 2335 Broad River road, was cut several places on the forehead when his head broke through the windshield in the passenger car.

His brother, J. E. Outlaw, 39, of Blaney, driver of the car, was cut on the lip. No one was hurt on the bus, although the rear of the bus and front of the passenger car were damaged. Both were headed toward Camden.

The bus which was hit was driven by A. V. Moore, 29, of 814 Oak street. His bus was preceded by another bus which was drive by T. T. Collins.

A Columbia police sergeant, who had been sent out on the highway to intercept a stolen North Carolina car, following an urgent request made by North Carolina authorities up Chief of Police W. H. Rawlinson, was near the scene when the collision occurred.

The officer, Sgt. B. F. Pruitt, took the injured man to Columbia hospital and notified the state highway patrol of the accident.

A deputy sheriff, J. Macon Sanford of Dentsville, brought the driver of the passenger car to Columbia, where he visited his brother at the hospital.

After the incident, Chief Rawlinson was notified by North Carolina authorities that the car they were searching for had been driven on some road other than Highway No. 1.

1940.03.24 - Columbian Is Hurt as Car Hits Big Bus
March 24, 1940  State (published as The State)  Columbia, South Carolina Page 36

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