Many Visitors At State Park

State Park, March 2, — The Sunday visitors of Mrs. Frank Hunter were her husband, Mr. Hunter; also Mr. and MRs. C. C. Hunter, Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Robinson, H. B. Sistare, M. B. Parrish and Miss Willie Mae Williams, all of Lancaster.

W A Porter had as Sunday guest Miss Juanita Porter, Billie Harrelson and Carlisle Garrison of Georgetown.

Curtis Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs. Mannie Roller and Miss Louise Jennings of Whitemire visited Mrs. Curtis Hamilton Sunday.

Recent company of Miss Roberta Carter included Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Carter included Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Carter, Miss Mary Anne Hodge, Tony Pierce, Miss Lillian Tart and Gerald Tart of Kingstree.

Visiting Miss Lula Mae Underwood this past week were Mrs. C. F. Madden of Columbia, F. H. McConnell of Newberry and Otis Williams of Blaney.

Miss Ruth McKenzie’s visitors were Lucien Richardson and Irby Walker of Summerton.

Berry Gilstrap, Miss Dorothy Gilstrap, Miss Betty Gilstrap, Mrs. Annie Aiken and Miss Lois Anthony of Easley were Sunday company of Mrs. Berry Gilstrap.

Weekend company of  Miss Eva Standridge were Mrs. M. M. Standridge and E. M. Standridge of Anderson; also Mrs. G. W. Lesley and Miss. Agness Galloway of Pelzer.

Sunday visitors of Mrs. O. P. Kirkland included Mrs. Ollie Rutland of Ridge Spring, Mrs. Lester Meetze of West Columbnia and O. P. Kirkland of Johnston.

Miss Versie Mae Hinkle had as Sunday guest, Dr. C. F. Wimberly of Columbia and Miss Ophelia Barber of St. George.

Mrs. W. R. Moffitt of Leslie spent Sunday with “Chuck” Moffitt.

Mrs. Mack Robert of Gallivants Ferry spent several days recently with her husband, Mr. Roberts.

Mrs. Roy Howell of Union visited Roy Howell Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Blakely and Mrs. C. R. Blakely of Williamston and Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Brewer of Anderson were Sunday guest of C R Blakely.

Miss Cornelia Stroupe had as recent company, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Parris, Joe Parris and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Barnhill of Gaffney.

Among former sanatorium patients visiting the sanatorium this week were Miss SUe Jones of Gaffney, Robert Pender of Rains, Mrs. Charles A. Stevenson of Winnsboro and James Mitchell of Bamberg.

Mrs. Lamar Smith of Dillon, Miss Maude Campbell of Columbia and Carson Odom of Chesterfield visited Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Webster the past week.

Miss Doris Amick had as recent guests Mr. and Mrs. Mutt Kyser of Prosperity.

R. F. Brantley, Delmar Brantley and Everette Johnston of Graniteville were Sunday company of Miss Esther Brantley.

Miss Lorraine McCartha has as company durign the weekend, Mrs. Leverne Legette of Rains, O. L. Kleckley of Columbia, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. McCartha and W. F. McCartha of Chapin.

Miss Sue Jones of Gaffney, Miss Mary Ellen McCraw and Miss Maude Melton of Gaffney visited amoung santorium friends recently.

Mrs. E. T. Porter, J. T. Porter, Miss Minnie Lee Porter, Miss Ruth Porter and J. H. Simpson of Easley were company of Mrs. J. H. Simpson recently.

Mrs. Helen Pate had as company, Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Pate, Mr. and Mrs. Dannie Pate, Mrs. Wilma Gay, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Pate, Eugene Pate, Joel Pate and Miss Joyce Pate of Winnsboro, also Mrs. Winnie Hutto of Columbia.

Thomas L Mendenhall, Jr., of Charleston was the weekend guest of Miss Irene Singleton.

Miss Loulee Deese and Herman Pittman of Lancaster were Saturday guests of Miss Viola Coates.

Visiting Mrs. J. M. Spigner recently were J. M. Spigner and Family of Dixiana and Mrs. Daisy Heckle of St. Matthews.

1940.03.03 - Many Visitors at state park
March 3, 1940 State (published as The State) Columbia, South Carolina Page 16

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