Camden Seeks Softball Loop This Summer

Camden, Feb 21. – A healthy revival of Softball, with a league made up of teams of Camden, Bethune, Blaney and other points in Kershaw county is  a possibility this summer, according to the bureau of recreation of the Camden chamber of commerce.
But – and here is where the big “IF” comes in – if Camden people are to enjoy softball, some arrangement will have to be made to provide a lighted field. Over a year ago the city purchased equipment for lighting a field but when objection was raised against using the field at Laurens and Fair streets, the softball program blew up so completely that it was impossible to revive it last summer.
The players and fans recall the fun that prevailed through the summer of 1937 when league games were the order of affairs every afternoon and crowds of  from 400 to 700 gathered to cheer the respective teams. Now there is a general desire on the part of many of the former players to get into action again.
Percy Mays, who captained the Esso team in 1937 and 1938 is lining up a team to represent Bethune in a suggested league. Arthur Robinson, who has taken E. C Ewing’s place at the Kendall mill as director of athletics, says he will have a team in the league. Beckham Russell, whose Sinclairs won the 1938 pennant, is listening t the softball birdies chirp in his ears and will unquestionably have a team.
But the bureau of recreation will keep hand off on any softball program that involves a playing period other than the evening hours. Which of course means lights. The bureau believes a league of six teams playing three nights a week would provide enjoyable recreation for player and fan.
An evening program would in no way conflict with the high school and later the American Legion baseball programs.
1940.02.22 - Camden Seeks Softball Loop This Summer
February 22, 1940 State (published as The State) Columbia, South Carolina Page 9

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