Cayce Social Events

Cayce, Feb. 17. – The Intermediate Girls’ auxiliary of the Baptist Church met Friday night with Miss Hazel Colum. After the business session a social hour was enjoyed.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Alreed of St. Mathews were guest of Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Spires Sunday.

Mr and Mrs. E H O’Quinn and son, Louis, of Blaney, were the guest of Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Allen Sunday.

Mrs. Luther Derrick of Swansea was the guest of Mrs. J. B. Smith Thursday.

Mrs. Dewey Welborn of Anderson was the guest of Mrs. J. B. Smith Friday.

J. B. Smith fo Atlanta, Ga., spent the past weekend with his family here.

Driftwood Rucker of Wofford college spent last weekend with his parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Swinton Roof of Atlanta, Ga., are guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Walker and family.

Mrs. J. H. Walker and children, Frances, Wanda and Miss Ethel McLeod, spent last weekend with relatives in Bishopville.

Miss Lois Rabon visited in Orangeburg Sunday.

Mrs. E. D. Shealy and family visited friends in Leesville Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Holly and daughter Barbara Ann of Jefferson, were the dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Catoe Thursday.

Mrs. G. F. Welch of Camden is spending the week with Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Peagler.

Miss Sophie Shull entertained a number of the younger set at a Valentine party at her home Tuesday night. After games and contest, delicious refreshments were served. Miss Hazel Collum and Miss Carolinda Geiger were prize winners. Music was furnished by Ralph Rozier.

Mrs. C. N. Redmond spent last week with relatives in Wagener.

Mrs. C. N. Redmond and Miss Rosa Lorick visited Mrs. Earl Rowe in Columbia last week.

Mrs. J. H. Lorick was the guest of her mother, Mrs. Minnie Fulmer Sunday.

Miss Essie Mattox was the guest of Misses Rosa and Sybil Lorick last week.

McAdoo Williams of Newberry college spent last weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Williams.

Mr. and Mrs. A. D.  Spires and family visited Mr. and Mrs. C. Q. Spires in Pelion Thursday.

Mrs. J. A. Medders had as her guest Friday her sister, Mrs. J. E. Harrell, Mrs. R. E. Jordan and Miss Miriam Deas of Florence.

Mrs. J. W. Deas of Florence is visiting her daughter, Mrs. J. A. Medders.

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Fogle and Mrs. Erminia Fogle of Lexington were guest of Mrs. E. M. Kirkland Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Reese and family of Florence and Richard Reese were guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Reese last weekend. Mrs. Reese and children remained for a longer visit.

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Stowe and Bob Stowe spent last weekend with their mother, Mrs. Stowe in McColl.

S. S. Belue is spending the weekend with his brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Fetner in Savannah, Ga.

Frank Sligh of Greenwood was the guest of Sidney S. Belue last weekend.

Mrs. T. F. Van Keuren will attend a meeting of the Second Congressional district in Salley. February 22.

The second quarterly conference of the Cayce Methodist charge will be held at 11:30 o’clock Sunday morning, at Pisgah Methodist church. Dr. J. R. T. Major will preach.

Mrs. Thomas Ellisor and little daughter, Jean of Columbia were recent guest of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Derrencbacker.

Mrs. W. C. Rogers of Savannah, Ga., was the guest of her sister., MRs. W. H. Johnson, last Saturday and Sunday.

Miss Edna Cullum of Little Mountain was the guest of her sister, Miss Jewelle Cullum Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. Elsworth R. Rhodes of West Columbia were the guest of Miss Columbia were the guests of Miss Carolyn Johnson Wednesday.

Mrs. T. L. Mitchell of Ashepoo is the guest of Mrs. D. E. Linder.

Mrs. E. G. Cayce of Hamlet, N. C., spent several days last week with friends and relatives here.

Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Jamison and Mrs. Mack of Trenton and Mr. and Mrs. Luther Derrick of Swansea were the guest of Mrs. J. E. Neams last week.

Mrs. Still spent last weekend with her son and daughter-in-law Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Still in Spartanburg.

Mrs. and Mrs. E. H. Mitchell and daughter, Ethel Mae, were guests last week of Mrs. and Mrs. J. D. Waters in Charleston.

Miss Florine Corder visited relatives in Batesburg last weekend.

Guest of Mr. and Mrs. Stanford Jones last weekend were Mr. and Mrs. Lewie Heath, Mrs. Eula Heath and Miss Marjorie Garner of Wagener.

Mrs. Carter B. Harrison of Savanah, Ga., was the guest of Mrs. W. H. Johnson Tuesday.

Mr. and MRs. S. A. Harbin of Harleyville are spending the weekend with Mr. and MRs. A. M Harbin.

Mrs. Dan Stowe was hostess to the young adult society Tuesday night at the home of Mrs. W. L. Corder. The meeting was opened with the “Call to Worship” by the leader. Mrs. Maxie Vaiden. The topic of the program for the month was “God in One Woman’s Life,” and was presented by Mrs. David Schumpert. After the business session the hostess served ice cream and cake to candy hearts to the following members present: Mrs. Maxie Vaiden, Mrs. Jack Derrenbacher, Mrs. Brantly Channy, Mrs. James McNair. Mrs. David Schumpert, Mrs. Jimmy McDowell, Mrs. John Ellisor, Mrs. Vyrle Hall, Mrs. Dewey Friddle and one visitor. Mrs. Carl Wheeler.

Miss Gladys Derrick spent last weekend with relatives in Hamlet, N. C.

I. J. Strickland of Tabor City, N. C., and I. B. Huggins of Green Sea were recent guests of the Rev. and Mrs. J. H. Reed.

Mrs. Gene Marshall was hostess to the Larkin club Monday night at the home of Mrs. Dewey Friddle. Games and contest were played throughout the evening and prizes going to Miss Derrick, Mrs. Henry Addy and Mrs. G. O. Dickerson. The hostess served a salad course cake and Coffee, Carrying out the Valentine motif. The following members were present; Mrs. Henry Addy, Mrs. J. R. Plummer, Mrs. C. S. Shuford, Mrs. Thelma Dobson, Mrs. Donald Manse, Mrs. G. O. Dickerson, Mrs. Ben Bramley, Mrs. Friddle, MRs. Marshall and two guests, Mrs. T. F. Van Keuron and Miss Gladys Derrick.

Friends of Mrs. G. B. Galloway are glad to know that she is able to be up after an illness of six weeks.

The Woman’s Missionary Society of the Cayce Methodist church met at the home of Mrs. W. M. Hammond Thursday afternoon with Mrs. B. D. Harrill as assistant hostess. Mrs. C. O. Bell gave a talk on the life and works of Dr. Young J Allen, a former Missionary to China. Mrs. C. H. McAllen discussed the work in the Belgian Congo. Mrs. B. B. McEntire presided over the business session. A financial report for the quarter was given by the conference and local treasurer. Mrs. B. D. Harrill and Mrs. W. M. Hammond. These hostess served delicious sandwiches, cake and coffee. Those present were; Miss. Alma Craig, Mrs. Whisonant, Mrs. W. E. Backon, Mrs. A B. Rozier, Mrs. C. H. McAllen, Mrs. B. R. Hammond, Mrs. Lybrand, Mrs. Addy, Mrs. C. O. Bell, Mrs. W. A. Thomas, Mrs. J. C. Crosby, Mrs. B. B. McEntire, Mrs. W. M. Hammond, Mrs. B. S. Harrill, Mrs. Elizabeth Cayce of Hamlet, N. C.

Mrs. Jonny Ford and daughter of Newberry visited her mother, Mrs. W. F. Hatcock, Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Hughes visited Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fersner at Aiken Sunday.

Mrs. F. B. Bessinger spent last week in Millen, Ga. with her parents. Mr. Bessinger joined her Friday for the weekend.

Mr. and Mrs.C. L. Hughes visited Mr. and Mrs. Dixon Ulmer, Augusta, Ga., Sunday.

Mrs. C. R. Fersner, Misses Louise and Wilmer Fersner, Mrs. L. E. Gramling Mrs. M. R. Fersner and son, Russell, Mrs. Richard Ocain and children, Elizabeth Ann and Richard, Jr., were the guest of Mr. and MRs. C. L. Hughes Friday.

Circle No. 6 of the Baptist church met Monday night at the home of Miss Georgia Lou Goodwin with Mrs. C. L. Hughes as leader. The program opened with a song, followed by prayer by Mrs. C. L. Hughes. Mrs. W. F. Collum conducted the devotional. Miss Genevieve Lindsey brought an inspiring message on the topic of the month. “The  Commission to Carry On.” At the close of the program, the business session was held. A social hour was enjoyed by the following members; MRs. W. F. Collum, Mrs. Fred Ponder, MRs. Collie Howell, MRs. Brady Addy, Mrs. Genevieve Lindsey, Mrs. Gilbert Venable, MRs. Charles White, Mrs. C. H. Price, Mrs. Jimmy Gardner, Mrs. Carrie Bell Dupriest, Mrs. C. . Hughes and Mrs. Georgia Lou Goodwin.

Circle No. 2 of the Baptist church met Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. H. E. Addy with Mrs. G. O. Goodwin. The meeting was opened by singing “How Firm a Foundation.” The edvotinal was given by Mrs. O. L. Lindsey. After the program a business session was held after which the social hour was enjoyed by the following members: MRs. George Goodwin, Mrs. R. H. Fulmer, Mrs. Nellie Ware, Mrs. F. C. Collum, Mrs. I. K. Dennis Mrs. H. E. Addy, Mrs. O. L. Lindsey, Mrs. Fred Ellisor and Mrs. Dennis.

Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Brown of Spartanburg were the guest of Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Addy last week.

1940.02.18- Cayce Social Events
February 18, 1940 State (published as The State) Columbia, South Carolina Page 36

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