Few Vacancies Left in Army

Few Vacancies Left in Army

Quotas for Hawaii, Fort Bragg, NC, and Fort Moultrie have been filled, nine vacancies are left for the Panama Canal department and there are a few vacancies for the Sixth division at Camp Jackson, it has been announced from the United States army recruiting station.

Staff Sgt. C R Vaughan said this following had enlisted this week:

Allen J Turner of Hyman for Fort Moultrie; Woodrow W Prosser of Columbia for Fort Moultrie; Rayford C Hendrix of Lexington for Fort Bragg; Frank E Sanders of Columbia for Hawaii; Harley D Shirley of Whitmire for Hawii; Von R Black of Leesville for Fort Moultrie; Kemp D Smith of Aiken for Hawaii; Claude Goldman of Aiken for For Moultrie; Harry C Baston of Norwood for Panama; James R Gunter of Lexington for Camp Jackson; Ezell C Goff of Blaney for Camp Jackson, and Rufus J King of Swansea for Camp Jackson.

1940.02.17 - Few Vacancies Left in Army
February 17, 1940 State (published as The State) Columbia, South Carolina Page 7

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