Finnish Relief Ball for Camden

Camden, Feb. 11 – A Finnish relief ball will be given at the Kirkwood hotel the evening of Tuesday, March 2, according to announcement by Henry G Carrison, chairman of the Finnish relief program for Camden and Kershaw county. Details of the dance event will be announced later.
Chairman Carrison has announced the appointment of the following committee to work with him in the relief program; Mrs. T M Girdler, Mrs. W S Rainsford, Mrs. James R Porter, John Whitaker, Jr., C P Dubose, Jr., and J Team Gettys. Mr. Whitaker is treasure of the group.
It is the plan of the committee to ask all school children of the city and county, white and Negro, give five cents each toward the Finnish relief fund.
Announcement fo special committees for Blaney, Kershaw and Bethune will be made Next Week.
1940.04.12 - Finnish Relief Ball for Camden
February 12, 1940 State (published as The State) Columbia, South Carolina  Page 7

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