J. G. Motleys Celebrate Anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Motley, Sr., celebrated their golden wedding anniversary, January 9, 1940 at their home at Blaney, Route 2, near Pontiac. Mr. and Mrs. Motley are living now in the same community in which they were born. Mrs. Motley was before marriage Miss Fannie Thornton, the youngest daughter of the late P. H. Thornton. They have always taken a prominent part in everything that is for the upbuilding of their church, school and community. Mr. Motley is a successful farmer and he and his family enjoy the love and respect of the whole community. They have nine children, 21 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren; Mrs. J. G. Monroe of Blaney, Route 2, Mrs. W. D. Sanders of Blaney, Mrs. E H Ross of Columbia, Mrs. George McDuffie Goodwin of Columbia, J. G. Motley, Jr., of Blaney, J. K. Motley of Patricks, G. B. Motley of Charleston. F. L. Motley of Blaney, Route 2, and C. B. Motley of Blaney, Route 2. Twenty-five members of the family enjoyed a delightful dinner and a day long to be remembered.

1940.01.19 - J. G. Motleys Celebrate Anniversary
January 19, 1940 State (published as The State)
Columbia, South Carolina  Page 17

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