Richland Court Roster For Next Week Announced

Cases and jurors for the term of Richland county court beginning Monday, January 22, were announced yesterday. Judge A. W. Holman will preside during the term.

Special attention was called to rule adopted by the Richland bar which does not allow the absence of an attorney as sufficient grounds fro the continuance of a case.

The following cases are on the roster for the week:

Monday, January 22: Belumir Krug Symphony band vs. Allen University: A. M. Dixon vs. J. H Dowdy, Sr., and one Chevrolet sedan’ Atwell Jacobs vs. William B. Rivers and one Chevrolet sedan: John D Brunson vs. Locomotive Engineer’s Mutual L. and A. Insurance association: Susie Holmes vs. I. S. Levy et al.; Joseph Safron vs. Universal Credit company.

Tuesday, January 23: G. C. Lee vs. Yellow Cab Company, Inc.; Mrs. W. B. Williams vs. Western Union Telegraph conpany; Oneida Harrison vs. Gulf Oil corporation: Margaret P. Sellers vs. South Carolina Electric and Gas company; Corlie Morren vs. R. V. Seagers and R. V. Seagers, Jr., and one Chevrolet coach; Henry Brooms vs. Metropolitan Life Insurance company.

Wednesday, January 24: W. R. Bishop vs. Carl T. Gibson: William Taylor vs. Palmetto State Life Insurance company; J. C. Fen vs. R. T. Gaston and one Chevrolet: Marion T Burnside, as Columbia Auto company, vs. Central Chevrolet company, James D Cooper and W. P. Cooper, Jr.; T. J. Lowman vs. Jack Buckner: Marie Arledge vs. Mary E Levy et al.

Thursday, January 25: Christine C. Humphries vs. Stokes Bus Lines (this case set for 9:40 a.m. of this day); Floyd Edgar vs. J. H. Crout; Johnnie Elmore vs. Truskauf Trailer company; Charlie Hendrix vs. Eckerd’s Drug store; Otis E Briggs vs. Longshore Motors, Inc., Milling Nelson Motors: John W Fitzgerald vs. Holland Furnace company, et al.

Friday, January 26: Elizabeth Rosenwald vs. Pan American Bus Lines (this case set for 9:40 a.m. This date); W. P. Trotter vs. Life Insurance Company of Virginia: Samuel B Moyle vs. Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York (this case set for 3 p.m. this date).

The following jurors will serve:

Willie R Derrick, Chapin, route No.2; Fred Roberts, 2809 Park Street; L. E. Outlaw, 2321 Taylor street; M. C. Fudge, 704 Pickens Street: Leland T Coker, 1020 Main Street; Ernest G Harris, 1418 Richland Street: Stafford Wade Thompson, Eastover; W. N. Rabon, 2309 Santee Street; Thomas A Roberts, Edgewood; Roderick G McIver, 402 Waccamaw: C. W. Surratt, Cherry street; Arthur Livingston, Eastover; Melton Medlin, Blaney, Route No. 2; G. W. Ulmer, 2205 Wheat Street; Francis W Simpson, 619 Henderson Street; Howard Snelling, Jr., Columbia, Route No. 1; Luther F Frick, 3223 River Drive: G. Z. Staudenmavey, Little Moutian; James F Sims, 2705 Lee street; E. D. Humphries, Blythewood, route No. 3; Leonard Branham, Columbia, Route no. 3, and E. H. Sinclaire, Edgewold.


1940.01.17 - Richland Court Roster For Next Week Announced
January 17, 1940 State (published as The State) Columbia, South Carolina Page 7

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