Snow Falls At Many Points In The State

Snow Falls At Many Points In The State

South Carolinians woke yesterday morning to greet snow on the first day of the new year and a new decade. It was the first general snow fall a several years, ranging from Newberry and Chester to Marion and Darlington.

The heaviest falls were evidently at Darlington, Newberry, Marion and Cheraw. An inch and a quarter fell at Marion, and inch and a quarter fell at Marion, an inch at Newberry while Darlington was pounded by the flakes until far in the day. Two inches was reported still at Cheraw.

Over Inch At Marion.

Marion, Jan. 1. – The new year was ushered in here with an inch and a quarter of snow. Snow began falling before daylight, lasting more than five hours, but this afternoon had practically all melted. This was Marion’s first snow of the winter.

Inch At Newberry.

Newberry, Jan. 1 – Newberrians could hardly believe their eyes this new year’s morning when they arose and discovered the ground covered with around an inch of snow which had fallen during the early morning hours. It was the first seen in this section of this season.

Two Inches at Cheraw.

Cheraw, Jan. 1. – Snow began falling early this morning and continued till noon, while much of it melted about two inches remain. It was the first snow fall of the winter and the heaviest here in four years.

Darlington Blanketed.

Darlington, Jan. 1. – Darlingtonians awoke this morning to find this new year’s days a “white one” with a blanket of snow covering this county seat for many miles around.

For the first time in many years local citizens witnessed snow falling on New Year’s day. The flakes began early this morning and continued far into the day, with yards, trees, and buildings enveloped in snow. Tree limbs hung heavy with the flakes and icicles, and because of the slickness of the roads, motorist for miles around found extreme difficulty in driving. A slow rain began falling during the day and the snow began to melt rapidly. However, a cold wave is prevailing here and

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more snow is expected in Darlington during the next 24 hours.

Melts at Chester.

Chester, Jan 1. – Chester folks awakened this morning to find a light snow had fallen during the night.

Later on in the morning, it snowed intermittently for a couple of hours. By noon it had all melted.

Florence Houses Covered.

Florence, Jan 1. – Snow started falling here at 3:40 a. m., houses and trees remained voiced until about midday when a slow rain began and the snow began melting. A mist has fallen here all afternoon.

Kershaw, Jan 1. – Kershaw citizens awoke, New Year’s morning to find everywhere blanketed with the first snow of this winger, which is said to have begun falling about 3 a. m. and continued until up in the day. However, No interruption of traffic or damage to power lines has been reported.

Snow Falls at Many Points in the State
January 2, 1940 State (published as The State) Columbia, South Carolina Page 1
Snow Falls At
January 2, 1940 State (published as The State) Columbia, South Carolina Page 2

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