Widow Reports Mate Jumped Before Vehicle

Mrs. Brazelle Tells Jury of Fatal Accident on Forest Drive

Testimony that Luther T. Brazelle, 51, of near Blaney, jumped to his death Saturday night in front of an automobile was offered last night at the inquest by his widow.

She said her husband tried to jump in front of another car the same night and that, when she grabbed him, he shoved her into a ditch. Mr. Brazelle met his death on Forest drive, near the Quinine Hill section when he was struck by a car driven by F. B. Reynolds who was represented at the inquest by Jake D. Hill and Clint T. Graydon.

This was one of four inquests conducted by Coroner John A. Sargeant last night.

The jury returned a verdict that “Luther T. Brazelle came to his death my mischance and accident.”

Juries returned verdicts that John Franklin Dennis and James W. Aughtry, who died from injuries received last Friday night when they were struck by a city bus on Forest drive, came to their death by “mischance and accident.”

The families were represented by John Hughes Cooper and the Bus company by Paul Cooper.

The jury considering the death of John Harris, who was shot Saturday night, returned a verdict that he came to his death by “gunshot wounds inflicted by Frank Wallace.”

Separate juries were drawn for each case.

October 31, 1939  Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record)  
Columbia, South Carolina
Page 12

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