3rd Richland Auto Death In Two Days

Luther T. Brazell, 51, of near Blaney, was killed instantly at 11:30 last night when struck by an automobile in the neighborhood of Quinine Hill, Forest drive, two, and eight-tenths miles beyond city limits. It was the third traffic fatality in Richland county in two days.

The same stretch of highway, only nearer the city, was the scene of another fatal accident Friday night in which John Franklin Dennis, 28, and James W. Aughtry, 25, met death. They too, were pedestrians.

F. B. Reynolds, 31, of 1329 Hampton street, co-ordinator of vocational education at Columbia high school, was driver of the automobile which killed Mr. Brazell. Mr. Reynolds was accompanied by Miss Sue Quattlebaum, 20, of 1514 Marion street.

Sheriff T. Alex Heise, Coroner John A. Sargeant, State Highway Patrolman J. L. Jervey, Sg. W. E. Helms, Police Officer W. R. Crapps and Deputy Sheriff W. V. Millwood investigated the accident.

Sgt. Ted M. Nelson said the accident was reported to him at police headquarters by Mr. Reynolds.

According to information given officials, Mr. Brazell and his wife, who gave her age as 35, were on their way home which is 18 miles from Columbia near Blaney.

Mrs. Brazell said they left Columbia at 6:30, five hours before the fatal accident.

Mr. Brazell’s body was found by officials in a ditch in front of the farm of S. M. Bonavita.

Mr. Reynolds said he stopped his car after the accident but finding Mr. Brazell dead, returned to Columbia and went to police headquarters.

Mrs. Brazell, whose face bore numerous bruises, narrowly missed the same fate as her husband.

Mr. Reynolds said that Mr. and Mrs. Brazell were facing the car and that he swerved and miss Mrs. Brazell but hit her husband. Mr. Reynolds was driving east.

Mrs. Brazell said her husband was survived by five children by a former wife, including Ola M. Brazell of Winnsboro, Frank Brazell, Robert Brazell, Miss Mattie Brazell and Mrs. Frances Ray, all of the Blaney section.

Coroner Sergeant said four inquest were scheduled for Monday as follows:

Inquest in Mr. Brazell’s death, 5 o’clock; inquest in deaths of James Aughtry and John Franklin Dennis, 7 o’clock, and inquest in murder of John Harris, 7:30.

October 29, 1939  State (published as The State) 
 Columbia, South Carolina
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