Scenes at Camden, Kershaw Cotton Festival

TOP LEFT – Miss Emily Zemp, queen, and her court: Miss Margaret Salmond, Miss Helen Wall, Miss Barbar Zemp, Miss Wilhelmina Strak, Miss Jane Trantham, Miss Martha Gettys and Sloane Yates.

TOP RIGHT – Famous Lancaster high school band led by Miss Eleanor Montgomery, majorette. This band was the only one from east of the Mississippi to attend the recent Confederate Veterans’ reunion at Trinidad, Colo.

LOWER LEFT – N. P. Gettys, Camden’s farmer-mayor for the day, and three members of his council. Those in the picture, left to right: R. C. Jones of Liberty Hill, Mayor Gettys, M. G. King of Bethune and J. B. McCoy of Camden. Absent when the picture was made were made were Councilmen-for-the-Day W. A. Boykin, L. P. Rose of Blaney and J. W. Sowell of Kershaw and farmer Chief of Police D. G. McLeod of Blaney.

LOWER CENTER – Three well known mayors of three well known cities join hands in a gesture of co-operation at the Cotton festival. Left to right: Mayor F. N. McCorkle of Camden, Mayor Robert Frazer of Chester and Mayor L. B. Owens of Columbia.

LOWER RIGHT – The City of Columbia float, sponsored by the Columbia Junior Chamber of Commerce, bearing Paul Schneider, Jr., as King Cotton, and Allene Monteith, as his queen. (All photographs except lower left by Sargent’s of Columbia.)

October 13, 1939  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
Page 16

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