Columbia’s Service Clubs

Rotary, Angus E. Bird, President: C. C. Muller, Secretary: Kiwanis, Jeff B. Bates, President; Orin F. Crow, Secretary: Lions, T. Evans Cannon, President; G. Ralph Little, Secretary: Civitan, Dr. Coyt Ham, President; West Jacocks, Secretary; B-C Civitan, V. L. Cannon, President; J. E. Addy, Secretary; American Business Club, F. Barron Grier, Jr., President; W. Frank Taylor, Jr., Secretary; Pilot Club, Emily Sullivan, President; Agnes Carson, Secretary.


The Rotary club meets today at 1:30 at the Jefferson hotel. Rotarians from other points in the city this afternoon are cordially invited to attend the luncheon.

Special guest of the club at today’s meeting will be 44 representatives agriculturists of Richland and Lexington counties. An entertaining program has been arranged by the rural urban acquaintance committee, of which J. Hamilton Osborne is chairman.

Invitations were extended to the following: David R. Hopkins, R. H. Lemmon, Columbia; R. R. Mellette, Lexington; W. C. McCarley, Camden; G. C. Wilson, J. A. Locklier, Tom Fry, Blythewood; I. J. Jacobs, Blaney; W. M. Hunt, Tom Kirven, J. E. Fraylick, Eastover: H. G. Kaminer, Gadsden; George B. Weston; Conagreel; J. G. Cook, Walter Burkett, Hopkins; Rhett McGregor, Lykesland; H. F. Caughman, R. W. McNeely, J. S. Lomas, Paul H. Kerr, James H. Lever, Columbia, R. F. D.; C. H. Bouknight, P. S. Wise, Irmo; John B. Lowman, Ballentine; H. R. Stoudemeyer, Little Mountain; G. C. Caldwell, Eastover.

Also, V. S. Bickley, E. M. Caughman, D. E. Efird, G. Oswald, Lexington; J. A. Caughman, Leesville; L. K. Fulmer, Chapin, W. K. Shealey, B. V. Shealey, Batesburg, D. C. Bryan, E. A. Poole, Roscoe Jackson, Henry W. Martin, J. E. Reeder, L. O. Rast, F. B. Smith, Swansea.

Rotarian Raymond Humphries is on vacation in Florida.

Rotarians having birthdays this week are M. Dargan Hicklin, today; George H. Dieter, tomorrow.

The following members received credit for attendance elsewhere last week: Wallace Rustin at Greenville, verd Peterson, Orangeburg, and Henry Bishop, Winnsboro; George Hyatt, New York.

Plans are in the making for a return golf tournament in Orangeburg with players of the club there. Paul Agnew, president of the club, writes that some of their better golfers who were prevented from coming with the group to Columbia, will be able to play and they should be in position to match any and all players Columbia may send. President Bird has requested Virgil Dibble to assemble a team to represent Columbia.

Visiting Rotarians here Monday were: Charlie D. Barr, Jr., Batesburg-Leesville; Ted Ninestein, Walhalla; E. R. Langston, Camden, and Thomas E. Gray, Orlando, Fla.

September 25, 1939  State (published as The State)  Columbia, South Carolina
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