30 Leave To Attend CCC Camps

Thirty young men from Richland county will leave this morning to enroll in CCC camps, it was announced yesterday by Thomas Crenshaw, chairman of the Richland county board of public welfare.

Eight of these will go to California to a CCC camp there, it was said.The others will attend the CCC camp at Pontiac.

Those expected to leave for California are: Horace Bailey, Glenn W. Daniel, George D. Dennis, Clyde Edward Lee, Claude McSwain, Willis Strickland and James Moak, all of Columbia, and James Garner of Eastover.

Those who will attend the Pontiac camp; Henry Abbott, Lonnie Brazelle, J. J. Cunningham, R. B. Earhart, W. L. Evans, R. L. Frazee, Edward Hammond, Dock Jirel, Jr., T. B. Kelly, J. D. Light, J. L. Mattox, Raymond Spires, Eugene Stukes, J. R. Terry, M. F. Williams, Luther Wise, all of Columbia; William Brazelle, Blaney; Clyde Broome, Blythewood; John G. McVey, Fairwold; Edward Peak, Blaney; Rufus Scott, Eastover, and Clinton Wilson, Eastover.

For the 30 boys going, there are six alternates.

In addition to these named there will also be ten Negro boys leaving for CCC camps. For these ten there are eight alternates.

It was pointed out that those boys going to the West coast must enroll for one year. The others must enroll for six months. They may enroll for two years if they will not be older than 24 when their time expires.

Everything is furnished for the boy and he is paid $30 a month. Of this money, $22 is sent to the boy’s family. The government will pay for the boys’ transportation to the West Coast camp. At the camps the boys are able to secure vocational training courses.

July 6, 1939  State (published as The State)  Columbia, South Carolina
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