Kershaw bill gets reading

Measure provides for operation of county for a year, fixes expenditures

Carrying a grand total of $85,776, the Kershaw county supply bill was given first reading in the house yesterday. The measure, which does not fix a definite tax levy, the amount of that levy to be determined by the auditor and treasurer, provides for the operation of the county government for the next fiscal year and fixes county expenditures.

Some of the items of expenditure in the bill are: For roads bridges, convicts and road miantenance organizations, $30,000; jurors and witnesses, $3,400; county poor, $3,600; county health unit, $4,530; WPA sewing rooms, $2,400.


Clerk of court, $800; deputy clerk, $1,200; sheriff, $1,800; deputy sheriff, $1,800; superintendent education, $1,800; treasurer, $710; clerk, $600; county road superintendent, $900; coroner, $1,1800; county attorney, $400; janitor at jail, $300; janitors at courthouse and agricultural building, $600; clerk to county directors, $600.

Magistrates’ salaries:

At Camden, $1,200; at Bethune, $360; at Blaney, $360; at Kershaw, $360; at Upper Flat Rock Township, $180; at Lower Flat Rock township, $180; at Upper Wateree township, $180.

Salaries of rural policemen; DeKalb township, $1,800; Wateree township, $1,500; Flat Rock township, $1,500; Buffalo township, $1,500.

Travel expenses of rural policemen for 12 months at $25 per month each, $1,200. Uniforms for rural policemen, $320.

James LeRoy Belk post, American Legion, $100; American Legion service officer, $200.

In addition there are items for auditing the county books, for travel of home demonstration agents, for the circulating library, for the Mt. Zion Community club and various other activities, making a total of $85,776.

Members of Kershaw delegation: House, L. C. Clyburn and W. F. Estridge; senator, M. M. Johnson.

January 26, 1939  State (published as The State)  Columbia, South Carolina
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