Seen Here and There

City Policeman T. E. Corley, A. A. Frazee, Odie Platty, Harvey Roof and Gatlin Bickley reporting a successful hunting trip for the past ten days on the Santee river near Bluefield . . .

Officer Corley remarking that Harry J. Singley, storeman for the Jeff Hunt Road Macinery compnay, killed a coon and a snake for the first day out – and that sight of the snake made him so sick he had to return home.

. . . Mr. Frazee reporting that Officer Corley shot a deer, that the other members of the party cleaned – but that Officer Corley was forced to carry the deer on his shoulders from the camp.

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse T. Reese, Sr., and Mr. and Mrs. Jesse T. Reese, Jr., who celebrated wedding anniversaries Thursday . . . Miss FLo Alice David carrying a photograph of herself fresh from the photographer which after some insistence See Here and There managed to prevail upon her to show.

. . . Chief A. McC Marsh epressing pleasure at the result of demonstrations by the fire department during Fire Prevention Week just past, and saying that c0-operation from pupils and faculties was the finest he had ever seen. . . Miss Betty Carlisle discussing battle-axes and war-horses.

Miss Florence Dargan, looking on at an auto fender bending episode on Main street . . . Today the silver wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Huffman of Columbia, who were married at Winnsboro . . . Mrs. F. Clyde Helms, who celebrates a birthday today.

S. Lemar Malphurs, advertising manager of the Hampton Democrat, in Columbia Thursday on business.

BIRTHDAY TODAY: The Rev. A. N. Brunson, D. D. of North Augusta, chairman board of trustees for Columbia College; Dr. R. M Pollitzer of Greenville, Ben T. Leppard of Greenville, James C. Hooks of Mullins, J. Shirley Seay of Columbia, Mrs. Lott Lawson of Columbia, Joe Griffith of Saluda, W. J. McGarity of Columbia, the Rev. J. E. Merchant of Columbia Thomas C. Vandiver of Anderson. Ellington H. Lomas of Columbia, S. M. Rose of Balney, Berley V. Shealy of Batesburg, A. B. Coggins of Ehrhardt Herman Gold of Georgetown, R. E. Sowell of Hartsville, J. D. Sullivan of Hartsville, Edward J. Brennan, Jr., of Columbia, A. J. Harley of Orangeburg, M. H. Blum of Latta, E. O. Hipp of Elloree, Robert H. Glenn of York, John Gary Evans of Spartanburg, governor of South Carolina, 1894-97, president of state constitutional convention in 1895, major and inspector -general First division Seventh Army corps Spanish-American war.


Dr. and Mrs. M. A. Connolly of Woodruff, Mr. and Mrs. Russell S. Wolfe fo Orangeburg, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Pope of Newberry, Dr. and Mrs. H M. Reaves of Hartsville, Capt. and Mrs. W. Q. Jeffords, Jr., of Charleston, Dr. and Mrs. J. E. Mills of Hartsville, Admiral and Mrs. Newton A. McCully of Anderson.

October 15, 1783, Jean Francois de Rozier first human being to make ascension in ballon. Louise XVIII, future king of France, writing the following verse; “The English, a nation too proud, arrogate to themselves the empire of the sea: the French, a flighty nation, assume that of the air.

Virgil (Publius Vergilius Maro) greatest of Latin poets, born October 15, 70 B. C., the Aenid ranks as his greatest work.

Kosciuszko, Polish patriot, born February 12, 1746, at Mereczowszczyzna, came to America in 1776, distinguished himself as General Gates’ army, died October 15, 1817.

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, German philosophic writer, born October 15, 1844, his doctrine though by some as responsible for war spirit culminating in World war.

John L. Sullivan, pugilist, heavy-weight champion, born October 15, 1858.

Fort Marion and Fort Matanzas, oldest forts in United States, perfectly preserved, off St. Augustine, Fla., declared national monuments by presidential proclamation October 15, 1924, constructed of coquina, native material of sea shells; Osceola, Seminole chief, once imprisoned in Fort Marion, Removed to Fort Moultrie, where he died.

October 15, 1938  State (published as The State)  Columbia, South Carolina
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