Ridgewood Camp Has Visitors

RIDGEWOOD CAMP, Oct. 6. – Miss Ada Barfield, dietician, has resumed her duties at the sanatorium after spending two weeks in Brevard, N. C.

Visiting the patients Tuesday night from the Business Men’s Evangelistic club were Mr. and Mrs. Guy H. White, H. T. Baylis and C. H. Baldwin of Columbia.

After a few months’ stay at the sanatorium Mrs. Grover Gregory has returned to her home in Buffalo.

Mrs. Mary Spann Cullum had as company Mrs. A. B. Harrison of Johnston, P. B. Harrison, Miss Betty Harrison, P. B. Harrison, Jr., of St. Matthews and Auburn Woods of Columbia.

Miss Sarah Wilson of Charleston and Mrs. Fred Phipps of Columbia, visited Miss Marie Payas this week.

Visiting E. H. Rutland last week were Mrs. E. H. Rutland, Willie Wood, Talley Boney of Blythewood and E. H. Rutland, Jr., of the CCC camp at Winnsboro.

Mrs. J. A. Judy returned to her home in Columbia Tuesday after a few months’ stay at the sanatorium.

Barney Langley had as guests Miss Ruby Langley, Miss Blanche Thomas, Reuben McLaurin and Otis Joyner of Lexington.

Visiting the patients in the Eastern Star cottage last week were Mrs. J. M. Ogilvie, Mrs. W. T. Sharpe, Mrs. S. M. Scruggs and Mrs. Ralph Crosson of Columbia.

Miss Rachel McCallum’s guests during the week were Mr. and Mrs. John McCallum of Fort Motte, Mrs. H. H. Liles and Mrs. Tommie Davis of Columbia, Miss McCallum left Sunday for Pine Haven sanatorium at Charleston.

Miss Belle Nickels of Columbia visited Mrs. M. P. McCalla this week.

Mrs. J. D. Milhous and Miss Margaret Milhous, memebers of Washington Street Methodist church, visited the patients last week carrying fruit to each cottage.

Miss Elizabeth Hardy’s company last week were Mrs. F. S. Baker, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Mosely and J. R. Moseley, Jr. Mrs. A. B. Owings, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. A. Hardy, Sr., Mrs. A Hardy, Jr., all of Columbia, and Mrs. Marion Mixon of New York City.

Mrs. William Burke visited the camp Sunday.

Mrs. Gertrude Miller’s guests during the week were Mr. and Mrs. E. H. P. Miller, Miss Cynthia Miller, Edward Miller, Jr., and Joseph Miller of Blythewood.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Riley and Miss Woris Riley visited the camp recently.

Mrs. G. W. Garrison had as company Mrs. A. W. Davis, Mrs. Alwarden, Mrs. Long, Mrs. Marven Holten, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bolin, Mr. and Mrs. Walden Eargle, Mrs. Hattie Eargle, Warren Fulmer and Matthew Karrison, Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Rister, all of Columbia and Mrs. Alice Leve; of Newberry.

Mrs. E. B. Riley, a member from the First Baptist church, visited the camp Wednesday.

Visiting Mrs. L. H. Jenkins this week were Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gantt, Mrs. M. P. Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. W. Eargle, Mrs. H. Eargle, the Rev. Wynn C. Bolick, and Mrs. Bolick, Mrs. N. H. Free, F. F. Jenkins and L. H. Jenkins of Columbia.

Mrs. Elliott Dunn and Mrs. Benny Sprouse of Columbia were camp visitors this week.

Miss Eppie Adams, Miss Sanna Barlow, Miss Elizabeth Durden and Miss Dorothy Tidd, students from the Columbia Bible college, visited the patients Monday.

Mrs. Sue Porter had as company Sunday, Mrs. J. M. Porter, Miss Marrian Sue Porter, of Blaney, Mrs. W. D. Anderson, Mrs. Steadman Hall and Mrs. Peake of Columbia.

October 6, 1938  Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record)  Columbia, South Carolina
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