Ridgewood Camp Has Visitors

RIDGEWOOD CAMP, Sept. 29 – Curtis Wessinger was dismissed after a few months’ stay and returned to his home in Columbia.

Mrs. O. T. McDade had as guests this week Mrs. John Noland, Mrs. John Fincher of Clyde, N. C., and Mrs. C. F. Dotson, Mrs. G. W. Byras, Mrs. Boyd Far, Miss Elizabeth Farr of Lockhart.

Miss Nannie Greene was visited by Miss Lois Scott of Camden, Mrs. W. P. Meetze of Columbia and Miss Mary Greene of Spartanburg.

Miss Marie Poyas was visited this week by Mr. and Mrs. Allan Eagle, Newberry, Miss Ethel Eargle, Miss Erie Eargle and Miss Sarah Eargle of Pomaria, also by Mrs. Fred V. Phipps and Miss Taska Seigler of Columbia.

Miss Mae Connelly’s company were Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Connelly of Columbia.

After some months’ stay at the sanatorium Paul Murphy has returned to his home in Buffalo.

Visiting the patients in the Eastern Star cottage last week were Mrs. S. M. Scruggs, Mrs. J. M. Ogilvie, Mrs. W. T. Sharpe, of Columbia.

Mrs. Mary Spann Cullum had as guest Sunday, Mrs. W. D. Holland, Miss Mabel Holland, Miss Joan Riley, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Riley, of Columbia.

Barney Langley’s company this week were M. W. Barfield and Marion Langley of Columbia.

Miss Eula Johnson of the nursing staff, visited her sister in Simpsonville recently.

Recent visitors of Miss Elizabeth Hardy were Mrs. Robert Moorman, Sr., Mrs. Robert W. Gibbs, Miss Nellie Mellichamp, Mrs. J. W. Bunch, Mrs. G. H. Bunch, Mrs. A. B. Owings, Sr., and Mrs. A. Hardy, Sr., Mrs. A. Hardy, Jr., Miss Sarah Hardy and Archie Hardy, 3rd, all of Columbia; also Mrs. H. H. Harris of Charlotte, N. C.

Mrs. Clarence Cook of COlumbia entered the sanatorium Wednesday.

Visiting Miss Rachel McCullum this week were Mr. and Mrs. John McCallum, Mrs. Robert Adams and Mrs. Ed Buyck of Fort Motte; also Mrs. Carlisle Oxner of Columbia.

Mrs. L. G. Jenkins had as her company during the week, Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Jenkins of Raleigh, N. C., and Thomas Jenkins of Mobile, Ala.; also Miss Lillian Sligh and L. G. Jenkins of Columbia.

Recent guest of Miss Gertrude Miller were Mrs. Tally Boney, Mrs. Lizzie Jeffers, Miss Frances Jeffers and E. H. P. Miller of Blythewood.

Mrs. G. W. Garrison’s guests were Mrs. Ada Bickley, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Sessions, Miss Annie Kind and Mamie Haltiwanger, Matthers Garrison, Miss Emma Brady, Miss Nell Brady and Luther Brady, Mrs. A. W. Brady; also Mrs. Bennett Smirl and Miss Cleo Slice, all of Columbia.

Mrs. Sue Porter had as company Mrs. J. M. Porter, Marian Sue Porter and Herbert Porter, of Blaney, Mrs. W. D. Anderson of Columbia; also Mrs. C. F. Stephens of Orlando, Fla.

September 29, 1938  Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record)  Columbia, South Carolina
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