Twenty-Six Are Accepted

Seven More Vacancies Are Allotted US Army Station Here July 1

Twenty-six applicants have been accepted for the Regular Army by Sergt. Clifford Floyd, who is in charge of the army recruiting station in the federal courthouse on Laurel street.

They are : Thurman C. Kneece, Batesburg; Henry T. Middleton, Great Falls; Ernest Raley, Camden; Williams H. Orr, Columbia: Maxwell A. Clayton, Columbia; Haskel D. Davis, Jr., Blackville; Clinton J. Harley, Swansea; Walter J. Cunningham, Lancaster; William D. Brown, Salters Depot; Herbert A. Goff, Columbia; Guy B. Stweart, Whitmire: David A. Raines, Columbia.

Also, Julian C. Kyzer, Pelion; Algier D. Coward, Pelion; James H. Thompson, Lancaster; Friendly G. Griffin, Pinewood; Manly L. Touchbetty, Manning; Richard V. Livingston; Livingston; James A. Turner, Sumter; Michael O Hodge, Sumter; Charles E Cunningham, Kershaw; Woodrow J. Howard, Lexington; Leon W. Phillips, Sanford, N. C.; Clyde V. Goff, Blaney; Harvey Bowen, Bladenboro, N. C. and Grady G. Martin, Whitmire.

Middleton, Raley, Kneece, Davis, Brown, Thompson Bowen, Clyde V. Goff and Walter J. Cunningham will go for selected service in the Panama Canal department, Stewart, Touchberry, Griffin, Livingston, Turner, Hodge and Herbert A. Goff were enlisted for the Hawaiian Island. Harley Kyzer Raines, Coward and Martin were selected For Moultrie, while Orr, Howard, Phillips and Charles E. Cunningham selected Fort Bragg. Sergeant Floyd said that seven vacancies had been allotted the station here for July 1 and other vacancies are expected soon. The Seven vacancies open now are for the Panama Canal department.

July 1, 1938  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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