Many Visitors at Ridgewood Camp

Ridgewood Camp, June 11. -Miss Ethel Mae Madden, sister of Dr. Emmett Madden, camp physician, and Miss Ruth Sanders, both of Columbia, ere visitors at the sanatorium Monday. Miss Madden and Miss Sanders are students at the medical college in Charleston.

Visiting Miss Allie Greene, superintendent of the sanatorium, and Miss Nannie Green last weekend were: Mis Alberta Wall, Miss Velma Wall, Miss Lehman Wall, Mrs. Ed Langston and Miss Carol Langston of Ashville, N. C., and Mrs. and Mrs. Eugene Robbins and Eugene Robbins, Jr., of Chester.

Miss Allie Greene, Miss Nannie Greene and Miss Ada Barfield attended the graduation exercises at Epworth orphanages in Columbia Monday evening.

Mrs. F. J. Ford, who has been a patient at the sanatorium for the last year and a half, returned to her home in Columbia Tuesday. Mrs. Ford had as company last week Mrs. Johnnie Shull and son of West Columbia and Mrs. W. R. Nealy, Miss Mary Nealy, Miss Annie Laurie Raines, Miss Wenona Raines, Burch Raines, Flemon Ford, Jr., and F. J. Ford of Columbia.

Magazines for the patients were brought to the camp Tuesday by Mrs. Berien Kendall and Mrs. Halcott Heyward of Columbia.

Ben Calvert of Jonesville was admitted to the sanatorium Tuesday.

Mrs. G. F. Rentz was visited last week by her sons, Malcolm and Hunter Rentz, Mrs. J. A. Summersett, Mrs. Nettie Mae Orr, Mrs. Ammi Quarrells, Mr. and Mrs. H. V. Ott and three children and Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Rentz and son, Billy, of Columbia.

Miss Marie Poyas’ guest were Mrs. D. E. Foster and Mrs. Fred V. Phipps of Columbia.

Miss Mae Connelly had as guest Mr. and MRs. Charlie Blume of Orangeburg. Mrs. L. W. King of Cameron and Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Connelly and Miss Frances Connelly of Columbia.

Mrs. Grover Gregory’s company were Mrs. Ollie Crayne, Miss Ruth Goings, Grover Gregory and Howard Gregory of Buffalo.

Mrs. Sue Porter was visited by Miss Marian Sue Porter of Blaney and MRs. W. D. Anderson of Columbia.

Mrs. Mary Spann Cullum had as guest Mrs. Annie B. Harrison and Mrs. B. T. Boatwright of Johnston and Miss Ann Cullum and Martial Honnell of Atlanta, Ga.

W. W. Newman of Great Falls visited Mrs. W. W. Newman.

Mrs. G. W. Garrison’s company were Mrs. Henry Martin, Mrs. J. M. Carroll, Warren Fulmer and Matthew Garrison of Columbia.

Mrs. Harry Riley of Eau Claire visited friends.

Mrs. J. A. Judy had as guest Walter Judy of Orangeburg and J. A. Judy of Columbia.

Edward Miller of Blythewood visited his mother, Mrs. Gertrude Miller.

Mrs. L. G. Jenkin’s compnay wer the Rev. Wayne C. Boliek and Mrs. Boliek, Mrs. J. C. Timmons and L. G. Jenkins of Columbia.

Miss Elizabeth Hardy was visited by Dr. Nelson Frierson, Mr. and Mrs. A. Hardy, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. A Hardy, Jr., Miss Sarah Hardy, Archie Hardy, 3rd., Mrs. Halcott Heyward and Mrs. Berien Kendall of Columbia.

June 12, 1938  State (published as The State)  Columbia, South Carolina
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