Columbia Commercial College News Notes

Miss Mary Balckwell Parker has recently accepted a secretarial position.

Mrs. Lena Ward of Blaney accepted a permanent position as steno-book-keeper for a well known furniture company of this city Tuesday.

Miss Margaret Senn of Newberry has a position as file clerk and bookkeeper for an insurance company and has transferred to the night school to complete her studies.

Miss Marjorie Hold has a permanent position and has left school.

Miss Geraldine Lee has accepted a position as typist for the government.

Mrs. Jessie Lee Davis has a permanent office position.

Miss Ida Ruth Copeland of Manning came by the school Monday to report that she is now permanently employed in the government office as stenographer.

Miss Elizabeth Mitchell has a temporary stenographic position.

Mrs Dolly Knight who has been temporarily employed for a week has returned to resume her studies.

Miss Lucia Gasque of Marion has permanent stenographic position with a prominent attorney in Columbia.

Mrs Mildred Smith accepted a permanent office position with the government Monday.

B. M. Blease of the class ’36 was a visitor in the office Saturday. Mr. Blease is now permanently employed by a motor truck company in Charlotte.

Mrs. J. J. Ryan accepted a permanent office position Wednesday with the state tax commission.

Miss Elise Gasque, a former pupil visited the school Tuesday. Since completing her studies Miss Gasque has been holding a responsible secretarial position with the county service office of the veterans’ administration in Columbia.

Misses Grace Campbell, Lucille Terry and Lucy Black has passed the official 140- word standard Gregg transcription test given in the secretarial department last week and have been awarded their pins from the Gregg Publishing company. New York City.

Miss Effie Lee Crawford and Miss Elizabeth Talbert of Rock Hill visited Miss Marjorie Jones last weekend.

Miss Rebecca Cook spent last weekend in Winnsboro with Misses Hester and Louise Wilkes.

Miss Melba Cassels has returned to her home in Johnston after a very pleasant visit to Miss Ethel Fuller.

Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Jones and family of Wagner visited Miss Wayring Smathers last weekend.

Miss Amo Frick of Blythewood spend last weekend in Ridgeway with her sister, Miss Willie Mae Frick.

Mr. and Mrs. B. P. George and daughter, Sibyl, of Lexington spent last weekend with Mis Estelle Creighton.

Miss Lucille Terry has returned after having spent a week with her parents Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Terry in Sumter.

Representative J. Claude Senn of Newberry was a most welcome visitor in the office Tuesday.

Miss Crystal Scribling is spending two weeks in Spartanburg.

Miss Ethel Fullmer spent last weekend at Clemson College attending the commencement exercises there, her brother, Houston Fuller, being a member of the graduating class.

Miss Mildred Crum has returned to her home in Branchville after having spent several days with her sister, Mrs. Henri Rowell.

The faculty and classmates of Miss Crystal Taylor are delighted to learn that she is improving rapidly from a recent illness illness and hopes she will soon be able to return to school.

Miss Marie Freeman visit relatives in Florence last week.

Miss Lila Mae Reese is spending the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Reese, in Congaree.

Miss Norma Stewart of Bennettsville is visiting Miss Lucille Terry.

Miss Helen Hooks spent several days at Myrtle Beach last week.

Miss Frances Senn of Newberry is visiting Miss Grace and Margaret Senn.

Miss Virginia Asheford of Winnsboro who has been visiting Miss Sarah Leitner in Lykesland has returned to her home.

Francis Herring of the night school spent Saturday at Carolina Beach near Wilmington, North Carolina.

Former pupils visiting the school during the past week were; John Mustard, Miss Noveline Hicks, Miss Jane Yerby.

Pupils entering during the past week are; Miss Guessie Kennerly, Mrs. G. Blackwell, Miss Ella Mae Milam, Miss Margaret Jackson, Miss Mary Ella Smith, Miss Gladys Bullard, Mrs. Elma Gerald, Mrs. Margaret A Tedder, Mrs. Lucille Jeffcoat, Mrs. Martha Graham and Miss Margaret Bourke.

June 12, 1938  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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