Columbia Knights Send Gifts Out To Ridgewood

Ridgewood Camp, Jan. 1 – A basket of fruit from the Knights of Pythias of Columbia, No. 106, was given to every patient Christmas morning by J. R. Kilgo, R. H. Stephens and H. L. Seay, members, accompanied by Miss Arundel Seay of Columbia.

Friday afternoon Mrs. Philip Freeman and Mrs. C. W. Barron of Columbia brought packages of nuts.

A Christmas tree and gifts for the patients in the eastern star cottage or brought last week by Mrs. Stewart, Mrs. Shealy and Mrs. Fetner of Columbia chapter No. 59, Order of the Eastern Star.

Miss Nez White of the nursing staff had as guest Friday and Saturday Mr. and Mrs. Burton White and sister of Rockingham, N. C.

Miss Eula Johnson, nurse, spent Sunday and Monday with relatives in Simpsonville.

Miss Lillie Mae Trotter add as company last week Ernest E. Trotter and Curtis Trotter of Pelzer and J. B. Henderson of Easley.

Mrs. J. A. Judy was visited by J. A. Judy of Columbia.

Laneau Bell was dismiss Thursday and returned to his home in Lorris.

Mrs. Charles T. Floyd had as guest last week Mr. and Mrs. Clark Kendall of Atlanta, Ga., Miss Ira Irby of Marietta, Ga, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Smith of Sumter and Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Canon of Orangeburg.

Miss Allie Greene, superintendant of the sanatorium, was this in Monday afternoon by Mrs. A. B. Watson of Columbia and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jackson.

Company at the Wittvogel cottage last week was Miss Beulah Gardner, Miss Myrtle Rucker, Miss Tennant, Miss Virginia Wright, Mr. Campbell, Miss Eva Gunter, Mrs. Meek Hogue and Don Murry of Columbia, Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Lever, Jr. and Miss Myrtis Gunter of Leesville and Mrs. Ellen Fallaw, Elzie Fallaw and O.J. Rikard of Gaston.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Riely of Eua Claire were camp visitors.

Miss Clorinda Theordore of Columbia visited friends Wednesday.

F. W. Miller was visited by Mrs. Pearle Simms, Mrs. Sudie Moffatt, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Jennigns, Miss Betty Brooks, Miss D. V. Whaley, Dr. and Mrs. T. C. Whetsell, J. R. Swearingen and J. B. Swearingen of Columbia.

Mrs. Gertrude Miller’s company was Mr. and Mrs. E. H. P. Miller, Miss Cynthia Miller, Joseph Miller, Edward Miller, Jr., and John Perry of Blythewood.

J. C. Brooks had as guests Mrs. J. C. Brooks, Mrs. Catherine Brooks, Lewis Brooks, Mrs. Frances Freeman, Miss Dorothy Broks, J. T. Brooks, Elbert Brooks, Mrs. Louise Brooks, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lowe, Miss Gloria Lowe, Marion Lowe, Bobby Brooks and Marion Brooks of Union.

W. W. Newman of Great Falls visited Mrs. W. W. Newman.

Mrs. M. P. McCalla had as company Miss Belle Nickels of Columbia.

Luther Wilson’s guest were Mrs. Luther Wilson, Miss Mildred Wilson, Carl Wilson, Joe Wilson and Eugene Wilson of Eastover.

J. L. Siver was visited by Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Meade, Mrs. J. L. Siver and Mr. and Mrs. Coleman of Winnsboro.

Guests at the Mary Sumter cottage were Mr. and Mrs. W. Scott Murray, Jr., Mrs. W. Scott Murray, Sr., and Miss Anne Murray of Savannah, Ga., and Miss Alcie Key, Curtis Murray and Crom P. Murray of Columbia.

Mrs. Mary Spann Cullum’s guests were Mrs. A. B. Harrison, H. S. Toney and Will Hoyt of Johntson, Miss Virginia Harrison and Miss Ann Cullum of Atlanta, Ga., Senator O. P. Lightsey and Mrs. Lightsey of Brunson. Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Harrison of Cayce, and Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Black, Mrs. Lita S. Killian, Miss Mary Louise Black, Mrs. Joseph Riley and Miss Joan Riley of Columbia.

Miss Ida Mae Owens’ company was Mr. and Mrs. Carl Southwell, Carl Southwell, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Hair and F. L Hair, Jr., of Columbia and Mr. and Mrs. Rebuen Owens of Bamberg.

Mrs. Sue Porter was visited by Mrs. J. M. Porter, Miss Marian Sue Porter and Arnold Porter of Blaney and Mrs. W. D. Anderson, Miss Beulah Gardner, Miss Myrtle Rucker, Miss Virginia Wright and Mrs. Katherine Hogue of Columbia.

Miss Nannie Greene had as company Mrs. H. A. Jones of Easley, Mr. and Mrs. Jack DuBose and Mrs. Hosea Boyking of Sumter, Miss Lillian Civil and Mrs. A. C. Hammond of Columbia.

Mrs. Elle Shealy’s visitors were: Mr. and Mrs. Muse, Miss Hazel Hardin, Mrs. Minnie Wilson, Mrs. Bertie Sims, Mrs. Guessie Senn, Mrs. Charles Crout, Herman Shealy and Roscoe Shealy of New Brookland.

J. M. Mooreman, Sr., of Columbia was a camp visitor Sunday.

January 2, 1938  State (published as The State)  Columbia, South Carolina
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