Consolidated High Beats Blaney Hi by 10 to 7

Consolidated High No. 1 of Lykesland trounced Blaney High to the tune of 10 to 7 on the Blaney diamond yesterday afternoon. The local boys were able to garner only three safeties off the combined offerings of Revere and Dawson, Consolidated hurlers, but errors and wild pitches accounted for serval Blaney runs.

Tom Young, Consolidated catcher, smacked out four hits in five times up to lead the batters, while Walter Harmon played a nice defensive game at second. For Blaney, Brazell did some effective relief hurling after being called to the mound, while Lacey Simmons pulled the fielding gem of the fame. Racing far over into left, the midget centerfielder pulled down one of Revere’s drives which was labeled a two-bagger at least.

May 15, 1937 Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record) Columbia, South Carolina Page 5

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