County Supply Bill Introduced in House.

TOTAL OF $69,00

Provides for Operation of County Government During Current Year.

Kershaw county supply bill, providing for the operation of the county government for the current year was introduced in the House of Representatives yesterday and referred to the committee on its ways and means.

The bill carried a grand total of $68,844.99.

Some of the items of appropriation in the measure:

Roads, bridges, convicts and maintenance of road working organization, $30,000.

Salary Items

Salaries: Clerk of court, $800; deputy clerk of court, $900; sheriff, $1,800; deputy sheriff, $1,500; superintendent of education, $1,400; treasurer, $645.12 and traveling expenses, $150; judge of probate, $600; county road superintendent, $1,500; coroner, $260; attorney, $250; janitor of jail, $420; janitor of courthouse, $300; clerk to county directors, $480.

Magistrates’ constables for first three months of 1936, $350.

Magistrates: Camden, $750 and office rent, $67.50; Bethune, $360; Blaney, $360; Kershaw, $360; Upper Flat Rock, $180; Lower Flat Rock, $180; Upper Wateree, $180.

Kershaw guards, $400; James LeRoy Belk post, American Legion, $100; service officer, $200; salaries of rural policemen (4) for nine months, $4,500 and their traveling expenses, $720.

Pay of Boards

Board of education, $200:board of director, $1,000; equalization, $250; registration, $200; jail expenses, including dieting of prisoners, $2,250; jurors and witnesses, $2,000; county poor, $1,200; Associated Charities for support of Kershaw county orphanage, $400; post mortems, inquesta and lunacy, $100; public building, $1,200; printing, postage and stationery, $1,500; supplies for clerk of court, $500; premiums on bonds of county officials, $560; repairs of books of office of clerk of court, $380.

Miscellaneous contingent, $1,250; vital statistics, $237,25; county health unit, $2,500; audit county books, $300; Kershaw county council of farm women. $150; traveling expenses for farm demonstration agent and telephone expenses, $270; traveling expenses for home demonstrations agent and telephone expenses, $240; boys and girls club work, $100. Grand total $68.844.99

Member of the Kershaw delegation: Representatives M. M. Johnston, N. E. Truesdale, Senator S. F. Brasington.

March 20, 1936  State (published as The State)  Columbia, South Carolina
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