Birthday Party Given at Blaney

Mrs. Paul Ross entertained at a lovely party Thursday afternoon, December 19, at her home in Blaney celebrating the sixth birthday of her daughter, Sydreras.

For the occasion the living and dining rooms were thrown en suite and attractively decorated in the Christmas motif. A beautifully ornamented tree and silver bells adorned the living room, and the dining room was lovely with holly and silver bells. Centering the lace-covered table was a birthday cake iced in green and red and topped with six tiny green candles. Tall red candles burned in silver holders at either end of the table. Pretty red and green caps were given to the children. Appropriate reading were given by Ted Knapp, Miriam Boozer and Virginia Rabon, and little Ronnie Boland of Columbia entertained with singing and tap dancing. Several contests were enjoyed, the prize winner being June Ross, Jimmie Meetze, Miriam Boozer and Wade Evans. During the afternoon, old Santa Claus arrived with an interesting Christmas story for the young guest. Pink ice cream with green cherries and green and pink iced cakes were served in the dining room, and small red and green baskets of mints were given as favors. The children sang “Happy Birthday” to Syderas.

Mrs. Ross was assisted in entertaining by Miss Theo Patillo and Santa Claus and in serving by Mrs. J. R. Boozer, Mrs. Roy Rabon, Mrs. E. H. Boland of Columbia and Mrs. Glenn Motley.

The young honor guest was the recipient of many lovely gifts. Both of Syderas’ grandmothers were present. About 37 guests enjoyed this delightful holiday party.

December 22, 1935  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
Page 20

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