Session on Duty With Embassy Now

Private First Class Thomas O. Sessions, United States Marine corps, son of Thomas G. Sessions of Blaney, has been transferred from the Fourth regiment at Shanghai, China, to the Marine detachment, American embassy. Peiping, it is announced by Maj. C. E. Nutting, officer in charge of marine corps recruiting activities in this territory with headquarters in the post office building. Savannah.

Sessions was accepted for service with the marines March 14, 1932, at the Savannah office, and has served at various stations. Upon completing his basic training at Parris Island, he was transferred to Quantico, where he attended the radio school. After a few months at the school in Quantico he was sent to San Diego, Calif., for further instruction, from which place he was assigned to duty as a radio operator aboard the U. S. S. Oklahoma, thence out to the Asiatic station.

December 13, 1935  State (published as The State) 
 Columbia, South Carolina
Page 10

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