Brookland-Cayce Teams Win First Games by Big Scores

Boys Whip Blaney by 53-12, Girls Win by 46 to 17


The local basketball season was ushered in last night when the Brookland-Cayce high school teams subded two outfits from Blaney by overwhelming scores on the Brookland-Cayce court.

Brookland-Cayce boys, flashing mid-season form despite the fact that they had worked out only three days, whipped the Blaney quintet, 53 to 12, while the B-C lassies took the measure of the Blaney sextet, 46 to 17.

Both contests were lop-sided due to the fact that the Brookland-Cayce teams were much superior to the smaller Blaney aggregations. Although outscored the Blaney teams continued to fight gamely until the final whistle sounded.

Murray Bundrick, the only regular from last year to don a B-C uniform, was high scorer with 16 points. Bundrick was used in only part of the game by Coach Tom Craig.

Douglas Lee, playing his first year on the varsity, rang up 12 points to carry off second honors for high scoring. Woody Lucas scored ten points and W. J. Sox, last year reserve, made six.

James Derrick and Bill Robinson, devoted most of their time to floor work, taking the defense and feeding the hall to the forwards.

In the girls’ contest, Miss Inez Carlton, coach, placed five of last year’s regulars on the floor at the starting whistle and at the end of the first quarter they had amassed a total of 24 point while the visitors had failed to chalk up a score.

At the beginning of the second quarter an entirely new team was sent into the game and at the end of the half, Blaney had scored two points and the B-C lassies had remained scoreless.

A third team was sent into the game for Brookland-Cayce at the beginning of the third quarter, on which Blaney scored 13 points and the B-C girls made a couple, but the first team made good the scoring in the fourth quarter when it rang up 20 points while the visitors were held scoreless.

Miss Howell a Star

Daisy Howell was easily the outstanding star of the girls’ contest, scoring 32 points. Sarah Keisler, her colleague at forward, rang up 12 points.

Inez Mason was Blaney’s outstanding performer, having scored all but four of the visitor’s points.

Miss Carlton used 19 players in the contest, featuring two midget forwards, Mary Lucas and Margaret Gibson. These two girls, although small in stature, played a jamup game in the third quarter and scored two points.

The Lineups:

Boy’s Game

POSB-C (53)(12) Blaney
FBendrick (16)(6) Price
FLucas (10)(4) Brazil
CDerrick (5)(1) Paschal
GSox (6)(1) Cooper
GRobinson (2)Watts

Substitutions: Brookland-Cayce. Lee (12), Strickalnd, Wilson, Williams, Howard, Ross, Weaver and Glaze (2); Blaney, Campbell.

Referee, R. A. Johnson; scorer, Louise Johnson.

Girl’s Game

POSB-C (46)(17) Blaney
FD Howell (32)(4) Rabon
FKeisler (12)(13) Mason
GM. HowellA. Miles

Substitions: Brookland-Cayce, Sox, Boyd, Lorick, Buchanan, Shull, Summers, Gibson (2), Lucas, Young, Henson, Mathias and Hutchinson; Blaney, Branham.

Referee, R. A. Johnson; scorer, Mary Meetze.

December 7, 1935  Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record) 
 Columbia, South Carolina
Page 7

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