Transient Camps May Go Under WPA

Proposed inclusion of three South Carolina transient camps in the state works progress program brought a prospect yesterday of double wages for approximately 115 World war veterans who remained at Kingstree after abandonment of three FERA veterans’ camps in the state.

H. M. McElveen, state director of the transient bureau, said application had been made to the works progress administration at Washington for transient camps at Kingstree, Greenwood and Columbia to be converted into WPA camps.

Wage scales of $15 to $25 a month, he explained would prevail at the camps under the change compared with the present $4 to $12. Work would include forestry, drainage, soil erosion work and other WPA projects.

Officials meanwhile expressed the belief the change would silence objections of many veterans, some officially reported to have left for Washington to protest abandonment of two veterans’ camps at Charleston and a third at Blaney, in Kershaw county.

The Kingstree camp was transferred to the transient division, and veterans who did not join the Civilian Conservation corps or go home were concentrated there.

State Relief Administor J. D. Fulp said the abandoned camps would be offered to the CCC.

October 2, 1935  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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