Alcolu Blaney Blythwood

Alcolu Blaney Blythwood

South Carolina

(Your Local Carrier Boy Is Listed Below)

Every morning, daily and Sunday, nearly three hundred doctors, lawyers, merchants, business men and probably captains of industry, possibly President, will travel their respective routes delivering copies of The State to homes throughout South Carolina.

Through drenching rain, or any other hardships, these boys go about their job with a thoroughness and sense of responsibility that brings a thrill of pride to the institution that backs them – building into their characters the qualities that make the real mean of South Carolina’s future.

Each one intent on building his own little business, knowing that great oaks from little acorns grow, so ’tis true, from a small merchant to greater and bigger men tomorrow.

Wylie E. Jones, Alcolu

Donald Watson, Blaney

Howard Wilson, Blythewood

We look on your local carrier boy as an important representative of our newspaper. He is a salesman, carrier saleman. We are attempting to give these boys in your community a business training. He is learning to buy and sell, learning how to meet the public, how to collect and handle his records just as any business man would handle his business.

One of these boys will call at your home soon. When he calls, regardless of whether you wish to subscribe for The State or not, invite him in, encourage him to tell you about The State. Just a few words of encouragement from you might be the seed which will be responsible for his future development.

May 30, 1935 State (published as The State)
Columbia, South Carolina
Page 7

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