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Miss Bonita Dominick of Prosperity visited her sister, Mrs. R. A. Lail, last week.

Mrs. J. A. Caston and daughter, Elizabeth Caston, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Caston, at Saluda, North Carolina.

Mrs. A. I. Mayfield visited relatives at Fork Shoals last week.

Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Adams and granddaughter, Louise, of Morven, North Carolina, are visiting the former’s daughter, Mrs. H. B. Ballard.

W. A. McClanahan and daughter, Ruth McClanahan, of Greer visited relatives in North Columbia last week.

Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Clark and son Carroll Clark, visited Mr. and Mrs. Ben Wessinger in Jalapa last week.

The Rev. and Mrs. J. L. Drafton and children have returned to Louisville, Mississippi, after a visit to Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Leitzsey at their home on Columbia avenue.

Francis Hinnant of Ridgeway visited his mother, Mrs. Ada Hinnant, last week.

Paul Stuart from the CCC camp at Greer visited his mother on Fifth street over the weekend.

Mrs. C. E. Stuck of Peak has returned to her home after a visit to her daughters, Mrs. E. C. Clark and Mrs. R. A. Derrick.

T. B. Roach, Jr., has returned to Clemson college to resume his studies. He was accompanied by T. B. Roach, Sr., and Carroll Clark.

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Frick and Frank Leitzsey spent the weekend in Charleston with the Rev. George Meetze.

Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Derrick and son Heyward Derrick, are visiting at Chapin.

Miss Mabel Shealy of Chapin visited relatives in North Columbia last week.

Mrs. Ollie Kelly of Central visited relatives in North Columbia last week.

Mrs. G. K. Dominick and daughter, Cynthia Dominick, were recent visitors of relatives in North Columbia.

Mrs. Hugh Edwards is visiting relatives near Greenville.

Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Wallace visited relatives in Saluda over the weekend.

Friends of Mrs. N. E. Meetze will be glad to know she is improving from a recent illness at her home on Park street.

Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Hinson and family visited relatives at Blaney last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Roland Caston and daughter, Verdie Mae Caston, have returned after a visit to the mountains of western North Carolina.

Mrs. J. E. Collins and son, Walter Dean Collins of Spartanburg, spent several days last week with Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Leitzsey on Broad River avenue. They were accompanied home by Mr. and Mrs. Leitzsey and sons, who will remain in Spartanburg over the weekend.

Miss Frances Huffman of Newberry has been visiting Miss Margaret Huffman at her home on Main street.

Miss Minnie Lee Stevenson of Winnsboro is visiting Mrs. W. I. May at her home on Broad River avenue.

Miss Elizabeth Cornwell of Greensboro, North Carolina, visited Mrs. Brooks Cornwell of River drive last week.

Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Mayfield and children, Jacqueline Mayfield and Patricia Mayfield, are visiting relatives near Greenville.

Dan Weed is visiting in Irmo.

“Jack” Harrison left Wednesday to enter Clemson college. He was accompanied by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Harrison.

Mrs. Margaret Ferguson and Mr. and Mrs. Marion Nabers and son visited Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Eddy at their home on Eleventh street last week.

F. C. Lupo, Jr., has returned after a visit to Monticello.

Howard Wingard is visiting in Lexington.

September 9, 1934  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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