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Weekly Sunday school services, conducted every year by volunteers among the students at the Lutheran seminary in Columbia, were resumed at the sanatorium September 23. Teaching the lesson in the cottages and administration building were J. A. Kelster, Jr., Paul Speigle, K. Y. Huddle and Miles Cullum.

Celebrating the fourth anniversary of the opening of the Eastern Star cottage, Columbia chapter No. 59, Order of the Eastern Star, entertained with a tea at the cottage Wednesday afternoon from 5 to 6 o’clock. Mrs. Thomas W. Hornsby, worthy matron of the chapter, received the guests about of whom called during the hour. Baskets and vases of fall garden flowers decorated the rooms and porch of the building.

In the absence of Mrs. W. C. Weir, Miss Wilma Joyce Hunter was in charge of the program. Mrs. H. E. Allison presented the history of the cottage, which was built and completely furnished by the chapter four years ago and made a gift to the sanatorium. Mrs. Allsion was worthy matron at that time. Following the history, several reading were given by Mrs. Ruther Carter and Miss Fay Kelley, after which came a dance number by little Sara and Betty Tidwell. During the program refreshments were served the guests, patients in the cottage and members of the sanatorium staff who were present. In honor of the occasion many of the guest brought line and other gifts, which were presented to the cottage.

Miss Joy Hunter, Mrs. W. C. Weir and Mrs. A. P. Beck, member of Columbia chapter No. 59. O. E. S., visited the patients in the Eastern Star cottage last week.

R. L. Beard of Columbia was a recent visitor at the camp.

Mrs. Frances Baker had as company during the week Mr. and Mrs. Radcliffe. Miss Dora Childers. Mrs. Daisy Austin and Mr. and MRs. Robert Bryan of Columbia.

James Lee of Chester was the guest recently of Mrs. James Lee.

Mrs. Annie B. Harrison and P. B. Harrison of Johnston visited Mrs. Mary Spann Cullum during the week.

Visiting Mrs. Annie Belle Wallace last week were Mrs. Wiley McDonald. Miss Mallie McDonald, Miss Evelyn Kirkland. Mrs. Mary lEe Ard, Mrs. Lula Piper, Mrs. Lillie Barrineau and C. L. Ard of Columbia.

The Rev. Thomas Suber of Columbia visited Mrs. F. L. Cox during the week.

Miss Mamie Hamiter had as company recently Mrs. Ben Aaron, Mrs. Robert Hamiter and Miss Olline Moore of Columbia.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Riley of Eau Claire were recent visitor at the sanatorium.

Miss Nanie Greene had as guests during the week Mrs. A. C. Hammond and Mrs. H. H. Griffin of Columbia, Misses Bettie and Mray Love and Mrs. Ed Riley of Ridgewood and Mrs. H. F. Stephens of Orlando, Fla. Miss Ruth Riley of Ridgewood visited friends at the camp during the week.


A delightful program was given last Wednesday afternoon at Ridgewood Tuberculosis camp in celebration of the fourth anniversary of the Eastern Star cottage, built by Columbia chapter 59. The program was presented in the open so that all the patients of the camp, as well as visitors, might enjoy it. O Pennington led in prayer, after which a brief sketch of the history of the cottage was given by Mrs. Nell Allison, who was worthy matron at the time the cottage was dedicated. Mrs. Douglas Carter and Miss Fay Kelly entertained with a reading entitled “A New Lease on Life.” A son and dance number was given by little Sara Tidwell and Betty Tidwell. Mrs. Carter also gave a reading, “Me and My Downtrodden Sex.” Delicious refreshments were served.

The occupants of the Eastern Star cottage were presented with a large basket of flowers from the chapter. Many gifts of flowers and linens were presented by individuals and the chapter replenished the cottage with curtains, bed-pockets and linens.

September 30, 1934  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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