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A letter from Paul Holcombe, former Columbia boy now with the marines, saying he was aboard the U. S. S. Mississippi en route to New York after a tour which Carried him to Cuba, Haiti and Guantanamo and telling of recent battle practices in which his detachment “won” at Culebra. Holcombe will be remembered as the boy who was shot by robbers about a year ago while was night watchman in a Columbia store. . . Mr. and Mrs. J. C. McWaters leaving for Atlanta and Griffin, Ga.

C. E. (“Mountain lion”) Sloan of Greenville placing $20 dollars bills on the desk in front of Lane L Bonner, secretary of state Democratic comitte, the money being the entrance fee to make the race for governor, Sloan saying. “Earned by hard work in the sweat of my brow. I freely exchange it for the office of governor for four years.”

Miss Dorothy Moffatt of Due West in Columbia on her way to Charleston, were she takes a boat to Boston, thence going to a hotel in New Hampshire, where she will be employed this summer. Miss Moffatt lived for a time in Columbia and has a number of acquaintances in this city.

A. B. Stoney of the university saying that the liquor with fake labels should be called “bottled in barn” . . . Ralph Derek, recent university graduate, who has been teaching in Darlington, in the city for summer…. Troy Stokes making plans to open law offices in Florence soon after he gets his law degree from the University next week… Quiet beginning to settle over Carolina’s campus as students come out of the dormitories with their trunks and pull quietly away for the summer… Vic Laurie and other Northern students at the University leaving for their homes for the summer.

Miss D. M. Foxsworth of Fayettesville, North Carolina, shopping Saturday in Columbia… J. O. Waters here from Savannah Saturday shopping…. Miss Louise Kluttz of Chester in Columbia Saturday… H. A. Clark up from Orangeburg… Dr. R. O. MuCutchen in town from Bishopville…. A. S. Paine in Columbia Saturday…. Miss Ethel Jones here from Newberry… C. P. Allen of Philadelphia in town for a few days… B. D. Hendrix, former Colombian of Hendrix Hardware company, in town Saturday from Charlotte… Miss Eoline Wheeler down from Newberry. … John McE Garrett of Oakland, Virginia, shopping Saturday in Columbia.

Joseph Kerney of Spartanburg stopping by the state department of agricultural to discuss business matters…. Dan Zimmerman, member of the house from Saluda county, chatting with officials in the state office building…. Numbers from Sigma Delta Chi, journalistic fraternity, learning with much surprise that the organization’s national headquarters were destroyed by the recent great fire in Chicago…. Barney Earley saying that he expected a good attendance at the annual Carolina alumni meeting Tuesday.

H. M. Word, Jr. of Richmond, Virginia, shopping Saturday in Columbia….Mrs. L. D. Cullum, Jr., here from Batesburg … J. McB Dabbs of Hartsville in Columbia last week…. N. B. Hargrove of Dillon here Saturday… Mrs. Maude Blackwell here from Sumter… Mrs. Wylie Jackson and James Jackson in town from Swansea… Miss Gladys Epting and Miss Leola Bedenbaugh of Newberry in Columbia… Miss Blanch Gantt and Miss Cola Lee Gantt here from Springfield … Mrs. L. A. Wittkowsky in town from Camden . . . Mrs. C. B. Dunlap over from Winnsboro.

Secretary Virgil Dibble of the Merchants’ association saying he had left his favorite pipe at some Main Street store while cleaning up on dollar days in the merchant meeting ticket sales – which store he does not know – and then found when he got back to his office that he had pocketed a pretty full can of tobacco someone had offered him for a full previous to mislaying the pipe. He knows it was not his tobacco because he does not smoke that brand.

Miss Willie Kate Clyburn here from Bethune.. Mrs. J. N. Brown in town from Blaney… J. F. Cassidy over from Winnsboro … L. J. Bell and L. J. Bell Jr., in Claudia from Conway Saturday … Hervert Mansfield in town from Hartsville…. Mrs A. M. Copeland down from Clinton… Mrs. H. M Bryson here from Newberry . . . Miss Grace Hitt in town from Cross Hill … Miss M. Hantley in Columbia Saturday … Mrs. W. Danhoff here from Lancaster . . . Mrs. C. A. Macktree of Hamlet, North Carolina, shopping here Saturday… Miss Lucille King at Fair Play in town.

June 11, 1934  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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