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Mrs. Carl Ellington was hostess to the members of the women’s Bible class of the Methodist church Friday evening at a lovely party at her home in Arden. Quantities of yellow daffodils and jonquils in low bowls and potted plants made a beautiful setting for the affair, and a dainty green color scheme was carried out in the refreshments served during the evening. Mrs. W. H. Tiller led the devotional, and Mrs. Harvey Moore with Mrs. Ellington had charge of the recreational program. In a contest naming various automobiles, prizes were won by Mrs. Ellington and Mrs. Alice Williams, and Mrs. Dewey Shull and Mrs. J. D. Geiger received awards for finding shamrocks, hidden about the living room. Mrs. Edward Cobia proved to be the best dumb speller in the group and Mrs. Alice Williams, second. Both received St. Patrick’s novelties. Mrs. Thomas Hornsby and Mrs. Fred Hatchell were the winner in a questionnaire on the parts of the body. At the conclusion of the games, sandwiches and olives, with Angel food cake, topped with green cherries in sauce, were served by the hostess, assisted by miss Shirley and Myrtle Ellington, young daughters of the hostess. Bright colored doilies and plates decorated with Irish emblems added to the attractiveness of the refreshments and served as reminders of the approach of St. Patrick’s day. Mrs. Harvey Moore will have charge of the devotional at the next meeting and Mrs. Edward Cobia and Mrs. C. O. Williams will arrange the recreational activities.

The Men’s Bible class of the Methodist church had a business and social meeting Friday evening at the parsonage on Oak street. A. short devotional was conducted b D. R. Riley, who read the scripture, and the pastor, the Rev. Oscar Lever, who led in prayer and gave a short talk. It was decided to conduct a membership contest until the middle of April and the class was divided into two groups with captains. After the business session, there was a social hour, during which sandwiches and coffee were served. The meeting closed with prayer by Giles Fleming, superintendent of the Sunday school.

The Workers Council of the Methodist church met Wednesday evening in the assembly room of the adult apartment. The various departments met and discussed their individual problems, after which a most delectable supper was served by a committee from the church. At the general meeting, definite plans were made for a play to be presented in the near future and interesting reports were given, showing the Sunday school to be active in caring for the young people of the congreation.

Circle 1 of the Methodist church will meet at 8 o’clock Wednesday evening with Mrs Dewey Shull on the Ott road. Circle 2 will have its monthly meeting at 8 o’clock Tuesday evening with Mrs Harvey Moore.

Mrs. Mary Davis of Camden, who had been the guest of Mrs. V. Z. Burke has returned home.

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Bowers of Prosperity were the guest of Miss Eula Home Saturday, accompanied by Miss Bowers, who will visit relatives for a few days,. Mrs. Bowers attended the sessions of the state teachers’ meeting.

The Rev. D. M. Rivers and Mrs. Rivers with their two children, Robert Hayne and Elizabeth Nelle, of the Southern Baptist seminary, Louisville, Ky., are the guest of Mr. and Mrs. B. R. Rivers on the Two Notch road for a stay of two weeks or longer. The Rev. Mr. Rivers will conduct the services at the First Baptist church in Camden this evening.

Mrs. W. P. Ouzts had as her guests for the state teachers’ meeting, Miss Martha Wyatt of Anderson and Miss Margaret Kurton of Townville, who are remaining over the weekend, and Miss Elizabeth Kemp of Edgefield, a teacher at Greenwood, who left for her home immediately after the adjournment of the meeting.

Mrs. E. E. Ulmer had as her guest last week her niece, Miss Helen Roberts of Ridgeland, who is teaching at Grays. Miss Roberts attended the state teachers’ meeting.

Miss Ruth Morrill, member of the Blaney school faculty, was the guest of Miss Evelyn McNeil for the Teachers’ meeting last week.

Miss Ruth Chasseureau of Hampton, who had been the guest of Mrs. Douglas Carter, has returned home.

Mrs. D. R. Riley and young daughter, Harriette, are in Charlotte as the guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Hardin.

March 11, 1934  State (published as The State)  Columbia, South Carolina
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