City Employes Top State Park

Will Play Blaney Nine Tuesday Afternoon on Elmwood Diamond. When Hopkins canceled its scheduled game with the City Employees scheduled for yesterday afternoon on Elmwood diamond, the Employees went to State Park and played the nine there, winning by 11 to 7. Smith fanned 11 State Park players and Hatchell and Hooper led the batting of the winners. City Employees will play Blaney on Elmwood … Continue reading City Employes Top State Park

Waverley Dots

The program from the observance of Sunday school day at the Methodist church last Sunday was beautifully presented and quite approriate fro the occasion. Quantities of rose gladioli with asparagus plumes made a lovely setting for the pageant, which included representative from the vbarious departments, with reports of their activities. Giles Fleming, superintendent of the school, announced the number and the Rev. A. O. Abney, … Continue reading Waverley Dots