Miss Ruth McNeil was a visitor of Mrs. J. A. Weaver.

F. B. Spigner Play Sunday visitor to Winston Salem, North Carolina.

Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Ellis have as their guest for the weekend Mrs. Mary Hung of Rose Hill.

Mrs. Marie Miles spent the weekend with Miss Alma Criag in Cayce.

Miss Azalee Brook has returned to her home in Anderson after a visit of several months with her sister.

Miss Jessie Earnest and Rubin Haley were married Saturday afternoon.

Mrs. Bobby Welch was honored with a lovely shower given by Mrs. John Stanton, Mrs. Mertie Goodman and Mrs. Kate Morris at the Richland kindergarten Monday night. Games and contests were enjoyed by the large number present. Delicious refreshments were served by the hostess.

The marriage of Miss Gladys Lott and Goncals Davis occurred Friday, January 22. They are living with Mrs. Wylin Lott, 117 Huger street.

Mrs. Delia Miller spent the weekend with relatives in Charlotte.

Earl Wooten and Walter Miller were the guest last weekend of Mr. and Mrs. Parker in Charlotte, N. C.

Clayton Murphy of Blaney was a recent guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Deese on Lower street.

Mrs. M. H. Allen had as her guests this past week Mrs. Edna Cameron and Mr. Claude Cooper of Spartanburg and Mrs. Ann Barnes of Ballas, Texas.

J. E. Gamble has returned to his home in Greeleyville after spending a few weeks with relatives here.

Mrs. Effie Briggs has returned to her home from the Columbia hospital, where she has been a patient.

Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Barfield had as their guest this week Louie Barfield and Mackie Moore of Sumter and Jessie Barfield of Bishopville.

Mrs. Sue Briggs is a patient at the Columbia hospital.

Mrs. Grace Weathersby and Mrs. Lessie Lewis were hostess at a surprise party given in honor of Mrs. O. J. Amick. Those attending were Mrs. Hermeana Hixon, Wilma Smith, Myrtle Brewington, Lottie Horsey, Corrine Shuller, Mrs. Otis Mills, Mrs. W. C. Clough, Mrs. Cora Player, Mrs. B. A. Jacobs, Mrs. Ed. Barnes, Mrs. Walter Norton, Mrs. John Amick, Mrs. Lester Paschal, Mrs. James Cobb, Mrs. Bill Kirkland, Mrs. John Horsey, Mrs. A. Davis, Mrs. N. M. Barfield, Mrs. Cora Jones, Mrs. Homer Lewis, Laura Denton, Mrs. Florence Brook, Mrs. Kate Haggins, Mrs. Helen Varandon, Mrs. J. W. Cortel, Mrs. Nancy Amick, Mrs. Mary Keetes, Lula Mae Kirkland, Johnnie Mae Stanburg, Ethel McQuarter, Patiena Kelly, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Mattox, Annie Mae Mattox, Mrs. Mills, Prizes were won by Mrs. Ed. Barnes, Mrs. John Horsey and Mrs. Hermeana Hixon.

Miss Ruth Bennett has returned to her home in Lancaster from the Baptist hospital where she has been a patient.

The ninth grade girls of the home art class of Olympia school served a delicious salad course to their teachers this past week.

Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Allen are guests of relatives in Blythewood.

The Intermediate B. Y. P. U. of the Southside church held its monthly meeting Monday night at the home of Mrs. Delia Miller.

Eddie Gamble has been the guest of E. L. Browder fro the past two weeks.

Mrs. A. C. Boling entertained at a dinner part Saturday night in honor of Mr. Boling’s birthday. The invited guests were: the Rev. and Mrs. R. I. Corbett, Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Hamrick, Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Dillard, Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Gardner Boling and Lewie Boling.

Little LaMerle Sutherlin has been the guest of her grandmother on Olympia Avenue.

Miss Mamie Wells is spending the weekend at her home near Sumter.

Mary Elizabeth and Ann Augusta Dixon have recovered from their recent illness.

Mr. and Mrs. M. O. J. Kreps announce the birth of a son January 25, at the Baptist hospital.

The Richland and Capital City Mother’s club will meet at the kindergarten Monday night. A large attendance is expected.

Misses Vivian Crossland, Sadie Sullivan and Virginia Browder were recent guests at New Brookland.

January 31, 1932  State (published as The State)  Columbia, South Carolina
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