Hold Meeting Of League Today

There will be a meeting of the Farmers and Taxpayers’ league at Chapin at 3 o’clock Tuesday afternoon in the schoolhouse for the purpose of forming a Chapin unit of Farmers and Taxpayers’ league. Representatives from the general office will attend this meeting. There will be a meeting at Lugoff Tuesday night at 7 o’clock at the schoolhouse. This meeting is called by Dr. J. … Continue reading Hold Meeting Of League Today

Rosa Branham

Mrs. Rosa Branham, 38, who died Wednesday night, December 16, 1931 at the Baptist hospital after an illness of nearly three years, will be buried in Union Baptist churchyard near her home at Blaney today. She was the wife of William Thomas Branham. Mrs. Branham was a woman of many lovable traits and she left a large number of friends and relatives who regretted to … Continue reading Rosa Branham

Burns Leesane Ross

1927 Burns Leesane Ross was born April 5, 1927, son of Arthur Lee Ross and Gussie Hayes Ross. 1931 Burns Leesane Ross, four-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Ross, of Pontiac, died at the Ross home at 6:20 o’clock Thursday morning, December 10, 1931 following a week’s illness. Besides his mother and father, the child is survived by four sisters, Ceo, Lois, Norman … Continue reading Burns Leesane Ross

James Alexander Nelson

1893 James A. Nelson was born September 28, 1893 in Camden, South Carolina as son of James Nelson and Cynthia Isabelle Nelson. 1920 Census Information: According to the United States census reported on January 20, 1920, James A Nelson (26), rented a home in Wateree Township, Kershaw County, South Carolina with his wife, Allie Nelson (25), and their children; Agnes Nelson (2) and Cynthia Nelson … Continue reading James Alexander Nelson