It Happens Every Day

. . . to the “busiest flour in the South”

Bright and early this morning, Red Band went to work in thousands of Southern kitchens… was mixed and made into thousands of simply delicious biscuits, cakes and pies.

Throughout the day, sack after sack of this finer, whiter four journeyed from grocer’s shelves into Southern homes. And what happened today happens every day.

Why is Red Band the busiest flour in the South? Just ask any woman who has ever sifted its fine, white, velvety smoothness into her mixing-bowl. She’ll tell you that everything she bakes with Red Band is lighter an fluffier, more delicious and digestible. That, with Red Band, she never has any “left-overs” . . . and – more economy – that she uses only half the shortening with Red Band as is required with ordinary flour.

But be your own judge of Red Band without risking a penny. Just phone any of the grocers listed below . . . he’ll soon have a sack of Red Band on the way. When it comes, put it to a bake-test – then, if it fails to please you better than any other flour, your grocer will refund your money on either plain or self-rising. We’ve authorized him to do so . . . we’ve just that much faith in Red Band!

Johnson City, Tenn.


TESTED . . . in the Model Kitchen

These grocers are ready to fill your order for Red Band Flour


A. & P. Stores,
1408 Assembly St.
2804 Divine St.
2300 Gervais St.
1000 Gervais St.
701 Harden St.
901 Main St.
2506 Main St.
1808 Main St.
3720 Main St.
2042 Marion St.
1424 Taylor St
2018 Taylor St.
J. W. Alewine,
714 Richland St.
Anderson’s Grocery,
2541 Park St.
R. E. Baylor
807 Washington St.
Bond Brothers,
3708 Main St.
Bouknight Cash & Carry,
731 Main St.
Brown’s Grocery,
2515 Gervais St.
J. Q. Cannon,
700 Blanding St.
Cash Grocery,
2531 Main St.
M. C. Courtney,
2100 College St.
C. B. Crawford
1332 Blossom St.
L. E. Davis & Son,
Garner’s Ferry Rd
J. D. Denham,
1037 Bryan St.
Edison Cash Grocer:
732 Main St.
Faust & Edens,
1423 Assembly St.
A. W. Flipp,
1301 Elmwood Ave.
B. E. George,
Asylum Rd.
Gillion’s Red Store,
1238 Assembly St.
F. P. Hinnant,
2301 Two Notch Rd.
Home Stores,
1418 Assembly St.
Altee & Gregg
1800 Two Notch Rd.
100 Marion St.
729 Elmwood Ave.
502 Gervais St
1901 Hampton St
711 Harden St
1835 Main St
2009 Main St.
2527 Main St.
130 Marlon St.
2634 Millwood Ave.
1226 Pickens St.
1216 Taylor St.
1434 Taylor St.
801 Gates St.
601 Whaley St.
1301 Assembly St.
J. L. Hopkins,
1314 Taylor St.
Horn’s Grocery,
2111 Hull St.
Hyman Grocery,
825 Washington St.
Iodine Piggly Wiggly, No. 3,
707 Harden St.
I. T. Cash & Carry
2824 Divine St.
M. H. Jackson
4900 Main St.
Mrs. M. S. Jones,
4114 Main St.
R. Kaletski,
325 Pickens St.
Norman Khoury,
1101 Washington St.
Charles Kirby,
2111 College St.
J. E. Leitner,
Hyatt Ave.
Lexington Market,
1822 Main St.
Matthews M. System Stores,
2715 Divine St.
1732 Main St.
M. L. Moore
933 Main St.
Mutual Grocery Company,
1336 Assembly St.
Piggly Wiggle No. 1,
1229 Main St.
Piggly Wiggle No. 2,
1701 Main St.
A. H. Regan,
1901 Main St.
River Drive Grocery,
2822 Broad River Rd.
1012 Lady St.
R. F. Roberts,
2738 Broad River Rd.
Roger’s Store,
715 Harden St.
Rosewood Carrteria,
91 Walker St.
Sands & Company,
1735 Taylor St.
Stark Street Grocery Co.
2307 Stark St.
Mrs. H. P. Stevens,
3308 Colonial Dr.
J. W. Stewart,
Rosewood Dr.
Mrs. J. A. Summers,
2301 Richland St.
W. H. Tiller,
2230 Gervais St.
Tolbert’s Cash Grocery,
4501 Main St.
Valley Park Grocery,
912 High St.
W. H. Varn,
2403 Preston St.
Mrs. A. Z. Wilson,
2023 Wayne St.
J. W. Wylie,
1111 Eighth St.
Youman’s Grocery,
2200 Main St.
Quality Service Stores
P. B. Bearden & Son,
2329 Main St.
Blanding Street Grocery,
1900 Blanding St.
R. C. Boswell & Son,
434 Lincoln St.
P. E. Bouknight Company,
1823 Main St.
H. G. Brady & Company,
2529 Divine St.
C. L. Brazell,
730 Elmwood Ave.
J. C. Briggs,
2006 Taylor St.
Byrum’s Store,
2301 Laurel St.
Caldwell’s Market,
1900 Main St.
A. C. Campbell
Rosewood Dr.
J. C. Carpenter,
810 Second St.
W. E. Christmus,
2001 Pulaski St.
C. W. Clayton,
1201 Harden St.
J Coplan
342 Pickens St.
S. D. Cromer,
1331 Calhoun St.
B. E. Davis,
7 Bluff Road.
East End Grocery,
3214 Wheat Street
Eau Claire Grocery,
3908 Monticello Rd.
Epworth Grocery,
3005 Millwood Ave.
Friendly Grocery,
3001 Monrose St.
Glover’s Grocery,
913 Sixth St.
Hook & Company,
2519 Main St.
D. D. Hutto
913 Second St.
Jordan Grocery Company,
1901 Main St.
H. R. Kirby,
529 Lady St.
W. M Kirby,
1512 Taylor St.
Laurel Street Grocery,
2330 Laurel St.
Lower Street Grocery,
808 Lower St.
J. L. McCrory,
1501 Taylor St.
G. W. Martin,
230 Marion St.
J. W. Mims,
1300 Lower St.
Montgomery Grocery Company,
1108 Hampton St.
D. T. Moore,
1531 Richland St.
Penland’s Cash Store,
827 Main St.
Red Monkey Store,
1001 Whaley St.
A. P. Richardson,
1200 Oak St.
Richardson’s Market,
1912 1-2 Main St.
B. R. Rivers,
2402 Taylor St.
Roof Grocery Company,
3007 Millwood Ave.
J. H. Scarboro,
801 Main St.
Service Grocery,
2716 Divine St.
Session & Rykard,
2012 Main St.
Shandon Grocery,
2809 Divine St.
Shannon Market,
2822 Divine St.
Mrs. C. W. Styles,
1400 Lower St.
C. W. Swinnie,
809 Lower St.
W. M. Trotter,
2802 Divine St.
Union Grocery Company,
1729 Blanding St.
Wales Garden Grocery,
224 S. Saluda Ave.
Ward One Market,
727 Main St.
J. T. Worrell,
1101 Woodrow Ave.

W. B. Aull & Son
L. P. Fox
Happy Meat Market
Home Stores
Quality Grocery
Shealy’s Market

J. L. King

Pate’s Cash Grocery

Durham Mercantil Company

S. H. Ross

Tally Boney
W. E. Boney

T. C. Gladden
Home Stores, No. 1
Home Stores, No. 2
Lang’s Grocery
McCaskill & Lollis
B. W. Marshall
R. S. Williams

T. M. Floyd

J. E. Bottoms
McBriden Market

Chapin Mercantile Company
N. S. Derrick
L. K. Fulmer

Byars Market
Carroll-Foote Company
Elliott’s Market
Falkenberry Brothers
A. D. Hurst
J. E. Myers

Baldwin’s Grocery
Ira C. Boland
L. V. Pinson
J. M. Pitts

C. L. Sloan

Coit B. Rogers
J. H. Thorpe
G. E. Truitt
H. B. Walters

Simon Faust

Eastover Cash Company
Peoples Mercantile Company

A. G. Basset
City Market
Dickman’s Grocery, No. 1
Dickman’s Grocery, No. 2
John F. Stackley Company

City Market

J. H. Chapman
J. L. Coker & Company (Retail Store)
J. L. Coker & Company (Wholesale Distributors)
Consumer’s Grocery Company
Hartsville Cash Store
H. H. Redfearn & Company

W. B. Mustard

The Lorick Company
S. A. Mathias

Jalapa Mercantile Company

Nicholson Department Store

C. E. Eargle
Matthews & Bouknight

Caughman & Kaminer
W. D. George
H. N. Kaminer
F. T. Mathias
H. A. Roberts
Sam P. & W. P. Roof
F. L. Taylor

I. E. Cheatham
R. H. Hunt

McBee Grocery Company

Boozer Brothers
J. M. Boozer
The Carryteria
D. D. Darby
Johnson-McCrackin Company
S. O. Nelsey
J. J. Senn
Senn & Jones
C. A. Shealy
Thornton Brothers
R. G. Wallace

Brookland Cash Grocery Co.
O. N. Denham
J. C. Lybrand
State Street Grocery
Thompson Brothers

Clarence Culler Company
J. F. Etheridge

G. C. Mangum

M. H. Setzler

Additional Dealers Handling Red Band Flour

J. E. Amick
W. C. Barnes
A. N. Crosson

P. O. Taylor

Home Stores

C & P Cash & Carry,
N. Liberty St.
W. Liberty St.
Cantey-Plowden Company
Cook & Powers
F. S. Drayton
Ducker & Bultman
Levy & Moses
Oakland Grocery Company
J. L. Pritchard
Spann’s Grocery
B. G. Wallace
Walling Cash Grocery

L. H. Witt, Jr. & Company

A. B. Braswell
J. D. Crawford
J. W. Edrington
Hardin Cash Grocery
R. T. Haynes
R. S. Moore
Piggly Wiggle Store
C. A. Robinson
Roddey Mercantile Company
W. A. Scott

October 23, 1931  State (published as The State)  Columbia, South Carolina
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