Reunion, Minstrel, Party Among Affairs At Pacific

A delightful family reunion was given Sunday by Mrs. J. W. Wood at her home on Pall Mall street. The out-of-town members, who came for the occasion were: J. W. Wood fo Balney, father of the family, Mr. and Mrs. V. G. Grooms and son, Raymond, of Charleston, Mrs. J. C. Singley and Carl, Jr., and Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Wood, Jr., and children and Albert Wood of Columbia.

After the dinner, which was a feature of the occasion, the group motored to Saluda dam.

The Block-O-Club of Olympia high school presented a benefit minstrel Friday evening in the school auditorium. A splendid program of music and other enjoyable program and the original stunts by the boys and girls of the school were highly creditable, proving there is much local talent in the community.

Mrs. R. O. Williams gave a party Tuesday evening in honor of the 12th birthday of her son, Jack. Those attending were: Elizabeth Millwood, Sammy Spigener, Jack Spigener, Doris Parks, Mozelle McNair, Snow Adams, Leroy Floyd Bruce Fate, Jr., Edward Herbert, Douglas Beaman, Harold Johnson, Asa Herbert and Raymond Nadeli. Games were played and refreshments served. The party was an enjoyable event of the younger set.

R. J. McGill of North Carolina is visiting his family here.

Mrs. Bill Duncan, Mrs. Allbright and Mrs. Blackburn and son have returned from a trip to Texas.

Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Bass and children of Charlotte, N. C., were weekend visitors to Mr. and Mrs. Jack Parker.

Misses Vermelle Wilkerson and Thelma Kirkland and Willard Jones made a recent visit to relatives and friends at Darlington.

Misses Edith and Adelle Hite spent the weekend at Batesburg.

Miss Essie Mae Player is a patient at the Columbia hospital.

Miss Norma Melette spent Sunday at Camden.

Miss Kittie Mae Beckman of Blythewood is visiting relatives here.

Mrs. E. B. Goins and son of Long Island are visiting her. On their return trip they will make a stop over at Buffalo, N. Y.

Mrs. Lon Connley of Laurens is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Dickert.

Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Coward and children of Newberry have been visiting Mrs. G. E. Hill.

After being the guest of Mrs. Hattie Hawkins. Miss Gertrude Millwood has returned to her home at Lyman.

A costume skating contest was an amusement feature scheduled for Saturday night in the athletic annex of the community building. Those who took part were in masquerade and prizes were awarded for best “get up.”

The Pacific Girl Scouts will meet Tuesday evening with Mrs. Sara Hamrick.

After a visit to friends here Aaron Newman has returned to him home at Sumter.

Mrs. Mattie B. Robinson was a last weekend visitor to relatives at Charlotte, N. C.

Mr. and Mrs. G. Y. Dickert and Harold Johnson spent Sunday at Laurens.

George Browder, E. L. Browder, Jim Browder and G. G. Browder motored to Greeleyville Saturday to visit their father, who is ill.

Mrs. Eli Sink and son, Coit Baxley, of North Carolina were guests of Mrs. Onie Blaylock over the weekend.

The Senior league of the Methodist church gave a benefit party Friday night in behalf of increasing missionary funds.

Mrs. F. K. Herlong of Cayce was the weekend guest of Mrs. V. R. Pope.

Mrs. H. A. Walters has been called to Whitmire by the serious illness of her uncle.

Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Phillips and children were Sunday visitors to relatives at Newberry.

Mrs. John Foster of Darlington was the guest Thursday of Mrs. W. H. Mattox.

Miss Nannie Simpson is spending a few days with relatives at Prosperity.

Jasper Dennis left Saturday for his army post in California.

After a visit to relatives at Union Jule DuBose has returned home.

Mrs. Camille Ranson and Miss Lucy Mae Ellis joined the night school group conducted by Miss Will Lou Gray on a tour to the Magnolia and Middleton gardens at Charleston.

After many weeks as a patient at the Columbia hospital Mrs. M. J. Hall is again at home.

A revival meeting to be held at Whaley Street Methodist church has been announced to begin Sunday.

Mrs. J. A. Thomas is visiting relatives at Saluda.

Prof. C. M. Lockwood, Bob Strickland, W. A. Turner, A. G. Hixson, Curtis Ellis and W. H. Wilson motored to Irmo Saturday to attend the convention of the Junior O. U. A. M. of the Sixth district.

An interesting address was made by Andrew Bethea on the outstanding work of the order’s orphanage at Tifton, Ohio. The presiding officer, Mr. Barrett, was re-elected district deputy and Bob Strickland was elected vice deputy.

Inspiring music by the Dutch Fork band and a barbecue served in the grove added the touch of completeness to a “perfect day” of inspiration and fellowship.

Mrs. Ruth Forsythe, Mrs. “Bill” Darby, Miss Lois Hilliard and Miss Geneva Howell are on a weekend visit to the Gardens at Charleston.

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Keife announce the birth of a daughter, Evelyn Joyce.

Mr. and Mrs. Edgerton Hill of Augusta, Ga., visited Mrs. M. O. J. Kreps, Sr. on Saturday afternoon en route on their wedding trip from that City where they were married Friday night.

Mrs. L. E. Worrell and daughter, Christine and Mrs. W. M. Thomas visited Mrs. Brooks Kelly at Spartanburg the past week.

K. R. Kreps presented block letters to a large number of winners in the boys’ athletic club of Olympia school Tuesday morning at the chapel hour.

April 19, 1931  State (published as The State) 
 Columbia, South Carolina
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