Congressman’s Wife Entertained With Bridge Party at Ridgeway

RIDGEWAY, S. C., September 8. – Complementing her sister, Mrs. Allard Gasque, of Florence, and Mrs. Gasque’s house guest, Mrs. Harllee, of Washington, Mrs. J. F. Dobson delightfully entertained on Friday afternoon with four tables of bride. The rooms, where the game was played, were artistically decorated with late summer flowers from the hostess garden.

The high score score prize was presented to Mrs. Armstrong of Baltimore, the honor guest. Mrs. Harlee was also remembered with a lovely souvenir of the afternoon, while Mrs. Mikell cut for the out-of-town prize.

The hostess served tempting refreshments consisting of two courses. After refreshments the guest were further entertained by Mrs. Mauric Matterson, who gave several piano selections; Mrs. Furtick and Mrs. Treutel contributing several vocal solos: and Mrs. Gasque gave two readings.

The out-of-town guest were: Mrs. Cork, of Florida; Mrs. Armstrong, of Baltimore; Mrs. Furtick, Mrs. P. V. Mikell, Mrs. Treutel, Mrs. Maurice Matteson, and MRs. A. P. Brown, of Columbia; Mrs. Gasque, and daughter, Doris, of Florence; and Mrs. Harllee, of Washington, D. C.

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Baldwin and little son, Billy, have returned to their home in Columbia, after spending the summer with Mrs. Baldwin’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Kennedy.

Rev. A. L. Willis conducted a series of meetings at Liberty Baptist church, near Chester, the past week. Mrs. Willis and children spent the week-end in the community as guest of friends.

Mrs. Stella R. Nelson, of Camden and her daughter, Miss Arabella Nelson, of Columbia, have been guest of relatives for the past week.

Mrs. J. K. Robinson and daughter, Bernice, of Florence, were the guest of the past week-end of Mrs. Robinson’s brothers, Messrs. J. C. and A. B. Coleman.

Miss Julia Starnes, a student of Bowen-Connatser Business university, spent the week-end at her home.

George Mayer, who has been making his home with his sister, Mrs. Blake, in Miami, Fla., visited friends and relatives here the past week.

Rev. and Mrs. A. L. Willis have as their guest, Mr. Willis’ sister, Mrs. A. J. Davis, of Greenville.

Miss Marie Jones of Longtown, is the guest of her sister, Mrs. D. W. Ruff, Jr.

Mrs. Albert Bishop and little sons, Albert, Jr., of Philadelphia, are the guests of Mrs. Bishop’s father, Harry W. DesPortes.

Among the teachers who have left for their respective schools are Miss Jean Starnes to Blaney; Miss Thelma Tidwell to Ogden school, Rock Hill; and Miss Nannie Tidwell to Bethesda school, Rock Hill.

September 8, 1930  Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record) 
 Columbia, South Carolina
Page 5

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