Negro League Holds Assembly

Allen Christian Endeavor, Winnsboro District, Meets at Kelton.

(Written for the State.)

Kelton, September 21. – The Winnsboro district convention and the Allen Christian Endeavor league of the Columbia conference, of the African Methodist Episcopal church, which recently held its 18th annual session in Bethany church, closed Thursday afternoon with a strong sermon by the Reverend R. A. Young of Winnsboro, The Reverend J. M. Harrison, D. D., is the presiding elder. This is his second year as presiding elder over this district and his ministers and the people irrespective of denomination are singing his praises. He is kind, broad-hearted and considerate along all lines.

The welcome address was delivered by the Rev. T. C. Phillip (white), who also is the mayor of Kelton. Mayor Phillip told the convention how he was impressed with the department of the ministers and delegates and how he was impressed with Doctor Harrison’s ruling. He being a minister, he understood their hardships, he understood their hardships in life, he closed by saying he wanted them to feel more than welcome. The Rev. C. B. Cook of Blaney responded to this address. Strong and able sermons were preached by the Rex. L. G. Bowman, the Rev. J. C. McCleannon, the Rev. I. A. Miller and the Rev. J. P. Washington.

The educational address was delivered to a packed house by Dr. E. A. Adams of Columbia. Doctor Adams spoke from the subject, “Our Needs.” In part he said: “You must be trained to put over any program worthwhile. It is no doubt to those who know that the white schools are ahead of the Negro, if it takes nine months for them with all their training, what you think of the Negro schools.” He urged the ministers to help the rural schools, work inside your environment, discuss your trouble with the local authority. He declared that the white people are not our worst enemies. They will help the worthy cause. He told how the white friends helped him when he was principal of the high school a few years ago at Clinton. He declared many times our worst enemy is among ourselves. The address is said to be one of the strongest ever delivered before a convention.

The leading ministers of this convention are: The Rev. J. C. McCleannon, the Rev. J. R. Johnson, the Rev. J. S. Martin, Dean E. F. G. Dent, the Rev. L. G. Bowman, the Rev. I. A. Miller, the Rev. Eli Greegs, the Rev. C. B. Cook, the Rev. W. L. Johnson, the Rev. D. B. Edward, the Rev. R. P. McFarland, the Rev. R. A. Young, the Rev. W. S. Jones, the Rev. E. A. Atchison, the Rev. P. W. Davis and others.

The missionary women also attended the convention and did untold good for the many unfortunates. Dean E. A. Adams, is very popular in South Carolina. His friends are urging him to run for financial secretary of the A. M. E. church, with headquarters at Washington. This department of the church handles several millions of dollars annually. The pastor, the Rev. Edward, has things in readiness, dinner being served every day under the shade trees in the churchyard. Dr. E. M. McGill of Orangeburg attended the convention and spoke of the condition of the church and declared he has his eyes upon the prize.

Resolutions were read thanking Doctor Harrison and His good wife for donating the Bibles. Doctor Harrison’s wife told of the need of more missionary work among the local societies. She declared there are many suffering who could be helped. The next annual meeting was voted to be at Jenkinsville.

W. R. B.

September 22, 1929  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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