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During the next two weeks, the Waverly Methodist Church is holding revival services in a tent on the lot recently purchased for the building of the new church, which is located at Five Points, at the intersection of Santee Avenue and Hardin Street. The Reverend F. P. Taylor, Jr., of Batesburg, Confederence evangelist, will conduct the services. The Reverend Mr. Taylor needs no introduction to Columbia Methodist, as he has conducted services here on other occasions. Song services will begin at 7:45 each evening in the regular services at 8:15. The public is invited to all services.

The Senior Epworth league of the Methodist Church gave a “Treasure Hunt” last Wednesday evening after the regular devotional program. The itinerary had been carefully mapped out and written instructions were given the driver of each car. The first of these letters was delivered at the church and the contents thereof revealed the mysterious hiding place of letter number two. This process was repeated until six letters were located in the party was directed to Valley park, where in a lengthy and excited search the treasure, a box of candy, was finally discovered by Mary Gilmore. The affair was quite exciting and enjoyable and was planned by Michael Barton and Miss Frances Gilmore. Refreshments were served the party at the park.

The Senior Young People’s class taught by Mrs. Harold Gibson, was given a picnic at Twin Lakes Wednesday evening. The party motored out and after an hour spent in various games, a most delectable lunch was served with roasted wieners. Fourteen members were present for the affair.

Mr. and Mrs. Neil Gibson, who have been visiting relatives at Great Falls for the past two weeks, have returned home.

Hammond Trotter of New York City is the guest of his brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Trotter, on Laurel street.

Mrs. Susan Godfrey of Fayetteville and Mrs. J. J. Younginer of Woodford, who have been the guest of Mrs. W. H. Tiller, have returned to their homes.

Mrs. W. F. Mefford has returned to her home at Spartanburg after a visit to her brother, Ollie Mefford, on Laurel street.

Mrs. Edward Orr and young son, who have been the guest of Mrs. Lonnie Bouknight for several days, have returned to their home at Spartanburg.

Mrs. Ada Turner is a home after a stay of a month with her sister, Mrs. Joe Richardson, at Simpson.

Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Parker and children have returned from a motor trip to Woodward and Clover, where they were the guests of relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Broome and two sons, Alston and J. D. are at home from a motor trip to Charleston and Folly Beach.

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Carter motored up to Spartanburg last week, where they were the guests of Mrs. B. W. Hornsby. Mrs. A. J. Jordan, who has been the guest of Mrs. Hornsby for several days, returned with them.

Miss Evelyn McNeil, who is teaching at Blaney, is spending the weekend with her mother, Mrs. Charles McNeil.

N. W. Cook of Andrews was the guest of Mrs. E. E. Ulmer and Mrs. Frances Bryan during the past week.

Mrs. Virginia Douglas of Spartanburg and Mr and Mrs. R. V. Taylors of Grier are the guests of Mrs. C. R. Holcomb on Hampton Street.

Mrs. J. R. Vickery has as her guest her sister, Miss Bess Brady, of Statesville, North Carolina.

Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Wham of Abbeville and Miami, Florida, were the guests of Mrs. A. C. Fleming land week.

September 15, 1929  State (published as The State) 
Columbia, South Carolina
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