Valuable Players, All

THE OFFICE mail pouch is bulging at the ribs with a load of letters from fans who are expressing their choices of the most valuable players in the South Atlantic league. The playmates, boys and girls, refuse to be perturbed by the heat but allow their collars to wilt under an argument that has sizzled to 101 degrees in the shade. Kunnel George Kraft, the melon magnate, surely started something when he repaired to a breeze-swept hammock on his old plantation and scribbled a message to our bureau, picking Abe Hood of Charlotte as the most valuable player. We asked for public opinion on the question, and our clients have consumed ink by the yard in writing their tickets.
Jack Allen Edens, of Blaney, says: ” I am very proud to say that our ball club has the most valuable play in the Sally circuit. My opinion is that Josephus Kelly is the most valuable player, but not the best manager. Taking under consideration, batting, fielding and base running, Kelly is the best of ’em all.”

Henry A. Edwards, of Lyman: “Don’t overlook “Cat” Milner. Since he joined the Spartanburg club, Milner has been the biggest trump card in the Spartans’ wild dash toward the pennant. Boy, he can hit, field, run, throw; in fact, he does everything well.”

Arthur Williams of Warrenville: “Notice where you put in a big bouquet for Manager Odie Strain, of the Augusta Wolves, and it’s my opinion that you could have ended then and there the debate of the most valuable player. He wins the cake and all the birthday candles.”

August 4, 1929  Columbia Record (published as The Sunday Record)  Columbia, South Carolina
Page 20

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