Negroes Attend Club Meetings

Nine Community Gatherings Draw Attendance of Near Two Thousand. Last month 1,765 Negro farmers, their wives and children attended nine community monthly club meetings at Macedonia near Ridgeway, Mill Creek near Lykesland, Weston, Eastover, Edgewold near English, Columbia Route 2, Gadsden, St. Luke near Hopkins, and Shady Grove near Blaney under the leadership of J. E. Dickson, county farm agent for negroes of Richland county. … Continue reading Negroes Attend Club Meetings


Special to The State. Blaney, June 15. – Officers and Patrons of Blaney school are glad to welcome Superintendent E. W. Rentz and family of Andrews who have recently moved here to succeed Superintendent Andrea as Superintendent. For several years our school has made considerable progress under the administration of Superintendent Andrea, and assuming our valuable paper goes in many homes, we take this method … Continue reading Blaney

Pettigrew – Lorick

Special to The State. Wagener, June 8. – Miss Myra B. Pettigrew and J. S. Lorick were married here Wednesday afternoon at 6 o’clock by the Rev. H. C. Hester at the Baptist parsonage. The ceremony room was beautiful in decorations of shasta daisies and ferns. Mrs. John Lyles and Mrs. Leon Corbett of Wagener gave a musical program and Mrs. Lyles played Cavalierra Rusticanns … Continue reading Pettigrew – Lorick


Special to The State. Lamar, June 8. — Miss Susie Pearle Moore of Durham, North Carolina, has returned here to resume her position as stenographer with the McSween Mercantile company. Floyd Vaugh of Columbia is spending a two weeks vacation at his home here. Miss Ferebe Spears has returned from a visit with relatives in Charlotte, North Carolina. Students who have returned from the various … Continue reading Lamar

Eighteen Testify In Harvey Case

Charleston, June 7 (By A. P.) – Eighteen state witnesses testified today in the trail of Harold Harvey, Alias Harold Harvey Afong, and Robert J. Watson, charged with Murder on the night of December 27, 1928, of Earl R. Fetter on the beach at the Isle of Palms. Most of the testimony was as to the events preceding the killing, particularly in regard to a … Continue reading Eighteen Testify In Harvey Case

For Wilson Home Fund

Further Private Subscriptions Received Toward Matching Conditional Appropriation by Legislature. Previously acknowledged. $11,368.72Miss Kate V. Greylish . . . . . 1.00William Wallace chapterU. D. C., Union . . . . . . . . . . . 5.00W. S. Hite, Batesburg . . . . 1.00Citizens of Marlboro county,Through Mrs. D. D. McColl. . . 78.50(List contributors below):Mr. and Mrs. Ellison Capers. . 2.00Mary … Continue reading For Wilson Home Fund

Birthday Dinner Pleasant Surprise

Mr. and Mrs. J. M Grigsby enjoyed a delightful birthday dinner May 26, celebrating Mr. Grigsby’s 53rd birthday. The dinner was given by their children, all of whom were presides in Cayce. The dinner was a complete surprise to Mr. and Mrs. Grigsby. The beautiful birthday cake, decorated by 53 candies, was cut by both Mr. and Mrs. Grigsby. After the last course, ice cream … Continue reading Birthday Dinner Pleasant Surprise