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BLANEY, S. C., March 9, – The March meeting of the School Improvement association will be held next Thursday evening, 14th, at 8 o’clock in the school auditorium. The annual spelling contest will be a feature of this meeting.

The two cooking clubs met Thursday and studied and made different kinds of sandwiches. These clubs are planning to put on a cake contest during the month of April.

The girls of the sewing club had a very enthusiastic meeting last Monday. Each girl brought a doll outfit that she had made. These dresses will put up into attractive displays. Miss Alma Burgess and Mrs. Zemp, of Camden, judge the dresses and the blue ribbons were awarded to Charlotte Hawkins of the 7th grade, and and Alma Gardner of the 6th grade. Red ribbons were awarded to the Valdora Perry, of the 7th grade, and Wilma Huckabee, of the 6th grade, a yellow ribbon awarded to Katie Stanley the 7th grade. Much interest has been manifested in this contest and very credible work was done by the 30 members of the club.

Mrs. W. D. Grigsby entertained the senior class and the bookkeeping class Monday morning at her home with a radio party, to listen on the inaugural ceremonies at Washington.

Misses Jean Starnes, Myra Pettigrew and Susie Shannon spent last week-end away from town.

Mrs. Willie Ross and son, Richard Ross, and Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Ross and children, of New Brookland, were guest of relatives here during the past week.

Brown Ross of Charlotte, N. C., spent last week-end here with S. H. Ross.

Miss Eleanor Grace Kelly, of Columbia, spent the week-end with Miss Louise Rose.

Miss Mildred Motley has returned from Columbia, where she was the guest of her cousin, Miss Majorie Outlaw.

Miss Emmie James, of Winthrop college, was the guest lat week of Miss Willie May Andrea.

Mrs. H. F. LeGrande and children, of Columbia, were guest last week of her mother, Mrs. H. A. Hawkins.

Miss Mattie Hodge of Columbia, was the guest Sunday of Miss Mozelle Thornton, and Miss Roxie Nelson, of Columbia, was the guest of J. D. Nelson.

Mesdames, J. C. Kelly and E. D. Outlaw, of Columbia, were guest Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Campbell.

Dr. Marion Wyman of Columbia, spent last Thursday night with Mr. and Mrs. Arlen C. Rose.

Mrs. Alren C. Rose had as her guests this week, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Babb and Mrs. C. M. Babb, Sr., and daughter, Mary Babb, of Laurens, and Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Babb, Jr. of Newberry.

Rev. O. B. Booth of Conway, has been spending this week here with friends.

Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Sanders of Gaston, Ala., spent this week with Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Sanders.

Mrs. Charlotte Ross Goff has returned to her home in Florence after visiting her parents here.

Mrs. H. B. Dunn, of Cheraw spent last Sunday here with her sister, Mrs. W. E. Brown.

Miss Lila Ross, of Camden, has returned to her home after visiting her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Rose.

Misses Pearl Sanders and Clara Motley spent the last week-end in Ridgeway with Mrs. Oscar Anderson.

All the grades in the local school observed Arbor Day last Friday, by each grade plating a class tree.

March 10, 1929  Columbia Record (published as The Sunday Record)  Columbia, South Carolina
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